“Killin’ Me Softly (with her song)”


i’m walkin around campus and i see this girl who i recently became acquainted with.. she’s on her lunch break so we walk and talk together.. everytime i’m off the clock i like to duck the supervisors as much as possible 😉 so we go to the reading room where it’s nice and quiet, AND a big, black p.. hahah piano in the back!

immediately she says PIANO!
we go to the piano!
(she said she didn’t know how to play the piano)
i don’t really know how to play the piano, but i remember my ex lady friend tryna teach me heart and soul so i try to make it do what it does, and i gets nothing..

then she says, oh, ur tryna play this…

(ears were lost in the euphoric melodies)..

i know i had the stupidest look on my face because i was caught so off guard..
then she rambles thru a couple of different songs on the piano and starts to sing BLUE SUEDE SHOES!

finishing up she sings magic carpet ride but the entire time she says that she doesn’t know how to play the piano.. that’s a weakness i have (music makin ladies) but she didnt know that.. nor did she know my favoritest rapper in the world was jay-z who she, subsequently, played and said LUCIFER was her fave jay-track..

basically people,
i’m not in love or nuffin but it’s strange the impact a person can have on you unknowingly.. coolness comes in different varieties..

so it’s only right i end this with a jay-z line,