“Face 2 Face”

Here’s another poem i wrote.. i turned this one in for class last semester, so watch out copy-writers..

Face to Face

Never to be lonely like that—
the unholy ascetic who disregards the company
of a few close companions and laughter
in a world that is constantly conforming and changing,

only to hear trapping echoes of voices
after a gentle vibration from the trendiest
purses, a swiveled belt clip, or the palm of hands
that provide solace as they answer your call—

You mean the world to me, and with that said
I have the world in the palm of my hands, but
as my fingers move numbingly across the screen, I find
myself writing your existence into ruts.

How people used to meet!
appealing, alluring, the love
letters sent via mail tucked away
in a dusty old shoe box, never to be seen again,

and each with its own sweet sentiments,
spelling out the architecture we built our love upon.
The memory of you in my car, sitting across the dinner table,
my grandmothers basement, all deleted like a phone’s outbox.