“Iran Plane Crash: Propaganda”

This is to not say that the 160 something souls that died in a plane crash did not die in vain, but where in the world do planes fall out of skies?

The regulations of the State Aviation Organisation do not allow a plane to take off before security of the plane is 100% approved,” he told Iranian television.

“As to why this happened and what problem the plane ran into, we will need to carry out a thorough investigation of all contributing elements.” (news.bbc.co.uk)

things never match up. i never seen a plane crash before, but every since 9/11 we have looked at the sky a different way. We have looked at our country a different way. We look at other citizens differently. WE look at foreigners different.

FUNNY THING is, we never looked at ourselves different! In loving memory of the 7908 Caspian flight, do at least one self-satisfying deed.. even if its lowering your head for a few and asking that those who died are in peace!