that’s all that’s needed!!

JAY_Z is coming out with a book titled DECODED! It’s confirmed.

I think NAY for hardcore fans and YAY for newcomers or unbelievers!

he is going to break down selected songs and from his tracks. some of them are is most disputed tracks, apparently however, fans of Jay will be yearning for more after this year’s 9/11 when he drops Blueprint 3. This could possibly be the end of an era- the end of rap. If Jay puts out another Blueprint/Reasonable Doubt-quality album, then it is a rap for all aspiring artist, sorry backpack/internet rappers.. (that’s not a shot)..

but with double entendres and shit broken down and put into lay-man’s terms.. i know as a person who thinks he fully understands most of jay’s lyrics, if somethign sneaks by my notice and he explains it, I will think him all the more glorious, makign me miss him more. FOR EXAMPLE: what if napoleon came out with a book and detailed how he almost united europe in it’s entirety, or Jesus how he didn’t let sin tempt him, or OBAMA and how he really became the first black prez. Jay is a great, but this book may have his true fans mourning. He does turn 40 this year…

but for fans new to jay and new to hip hop and new to greatness, his book will be essential for those weezy f’n soulja boy fans and that may be a good look..

BUT WILL MAKING US MISS EAR-EUPHORIA be worth it to jayz fans, my answer is…

“HOV did that, so hopefully you wouldn’t havta go thru that..”

word? word!