Putting the uh-OH in OBAMA

OK! SO here is the Facebook wallpost that sparked this next entry:

[“They might think they’ve got a pretty jump shot or a pretty good flow,” Mr. Obama said, “but our kids can’t all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne. I want them aspiring to be scientists and engineers, doctors and teachers, not just ballers and rappers.”

hahah! Obama’s tryna crush your dreams.]

I do not have any intentions on being a rapper by any means. I am too misanthropic towards contemporary/pop culture that fame would do nothing but bring me to bitter ruins. Besides, I’m fine with the way things are. I choose not to rap or have dreams of rapping because it is an art that should be respected and not tarnished and I am not mature enough to take music seriously with the things on my plate in my life at the moment!!

FUCK THAT quote. Obama is cool and all, but who is he fooling? Oh, I forgot, I know!!! (but i can’t say).

kids in the hood (sorry for use of the term) but kids in the low income housing areas have no outlets for talent whatsoever except that basketball court that keeps most kids off the corner and selling drugs. So if the bball court is their safe haven then let that be and shit would be so much better. People need to stop criticizing the goals of kids and make it easier for them to be able to access the necessary materials so they can become those doctors and teachers and lawyers.

We can’t all be ballers and rappers, of course. But we can’t all become lawyers and doctors eithers. It’s the way the system works. We have winners and we have losers. All our govt. programs on paper, ideally seem nice; however when the welfare for the cmmon good on paper is put into action and practicality mixed with human reasoning and emotion- all hell breaks lose.

we can’t all be rappers.
we cant all be accountants.
we cant all be successful, even though we can always try.
we can’t all be obama..

where is the hope when we floatin’ in the same boat!