“SILVER SURFER” by Deron from the DMV Review

Silver Surfer- Deronimo

The only thing consistent with artistic expression is change; however, when talking about hip-hip, change becomes second-rate. Well some new rappers represent change, but Deron is a rapper that promotes evolution to the game with a distinctive voice, not found on the radio.

Goodbye radio rap.

Goodnight dance songs.

Goodmorning music from the soul.

With his latest song “Silver Surfer,” Deron gives way to the pen on this test, but luckily, this well crafted beat done by Tazzy B gave Deron a cheat sheet for a track that was well studied for.

“Silver Surfer” is a refer-to-a-friend song. Oh, you never heard of the rapper Deron from the District of Columbia for, just check out his myspace: (www.myspace.com/deron301).

As Deron stares into a blue sky from the beginning of the track with his glass of hypnotic, we hear the trance of the notes that he is stuck in.

“Lyrics nuclear, flow atomic, life ain’t real; it’s a DC comic. DMV rappers.” Deron could have come harder with the flow expressing a more unearthly feel of becoming a silver-surfer, but we see how Pluto (cold) the flow gets as he blasts off on the second verse after.

“Baby we gone ride. Baby we gone glide. Baby be ride into we reach the milky way.” What lady wouldn’t want to leave earth to be fly, out of this world beyond their dreams?

“No Brooklyn; just Brookland where the crooks run through with their book bags to the next victim on the next corner. They need cheese. Where the DiGiorno?” As Deron peaks on the second and last verse of his song, he turns his swag on (sorry for the unpop popular culture reference) and compares himself to Jay-Z but keeps it native to the Northeast section of the nation’s capital to discuss some important topics of unnecessary and petty crimes. Why do people steal Deron? OH, sorry for the stupid question, but we know it’s because they need the money.

What makes this a referable song is what makes Deron, Deron!

“Make out with hip-hop and fuck rap music. Blow the mainstream’s back out. I do this.” With those closing statements, Deron is sure to make some noise in the DMV rap movement that is slowly usurping radio plays and hearts of hip-hop lovers around.

The “Silver Surfer” gives us a reason to root for the villain again. From the underdog, to the villain, to the heroes; not even the Fantastic Four could banish this track.
Written By: MOI

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