this is an interesting post:

yesterday I drove up to druid hill park with a buddy of mine (we’ll call her kiddo for the sake of anonymity)

but sitting on the bench, words weren’t even spoken– just eyes focused on the horizon as the sun glared off of the water in the reservoir. the mind was free.

“tears being a distillation of all the vapors arising from the human heart”- ebwhite

i tried to think about one thing in specific, yet failed. as kiddo talked about tears and the people who cause them, i thought to myself– it’s wayyy toooo beautiful outside to be saddened.

the nature of everything- the goosebump breeze, the sun, the grass and trees, everything made the mind free.

do me a favor today,
go get in touch with nature.
go play with nature.
go out and venture into happiness.
the only place the mind can be free, if you let it!