Ode to My 11th Grade English Teacher

this post was inspired by a text i received (two to be exact)

(301): That’s cool. You and ms. ponton could go over lessons together. I remember how much you liked her.. 🙂

(301): I know you didn’t. You guys argued all the time and then eventually you just stopped talking. First class you were ever quiet in haha.

I laughed out loud at the last nine syllables of her last text.

i think it’s ironic how a teacher i didn’t really get along with has set the path that i am walking down now heading into my senior year. I received those texts from a high skewl classmate, friend, and captain of our the swim team (yea i swam. i got multiple talents haha) but yea..

anyway i didn’t really see eye-to-eye on some of the things we went over in english class especially catcher in the rye if i remember nething in particular; however, she graduated from the college i attend now, she is pursuing a higher degree the same as i hope to earned after i graduate from undergrad.

but looking at it now, from the standpoint of me wanting to be a professor, i realize that silence is not golden unless you’re at the movie theatre. I could’ve learned more in english class had i spoken up more, the same for my classmates.

but on the real, she’s a cool lady. a person who i didnt quite get along with in my younger days is now a person i can seek guidance from as i mature into a grown ass dude, haha..

funny story:
in class i remember passsing the hole puncher around and me acting dumb as usual asked out loud, “where do all the holes go” referring to the punched out paper circles.. the classroom heard hoes– “where do teh hoes go?” i could never say that at a catholic skewl.. def. not in front of the teacher..

those punched out circles or holes as i referred to them in high skewl never went anywhere. they remind me of the silence.. because silence won’t get you anywhere..

so i ask that you speak out against ne injustices or nething bothering you because you may learn something!