Top Jay-Z Tracks Over the Years

sitting at work, thinking to myself, HMMMM- Jay-Z is dropping a new track tomorrow.. so off the top of my head, here’s my personal likes.. one song from each album.. hope you all enjoy (and better yet, go and listen)!!


Reasonable Doubt:”Feelin It” or “Can I Live”- I couldn’t really decide, but check anyone of these songs out. Make sure you’re in a happy place though and the lyrics along with the bone-chilling beats will be enough to get you through that long work day ahead!

In My Lifetime Vol. 1: “Imaginary Players” Jay-Z sets the tone for all of rap. Everyoen needs to step their game up to the next level. This song has been pivotal in his career. After listening, i’m sure you will want to get your grownman on!

Hard Knock Life Vol. 2: “A Week Ago” Rap isn’t all guns and big booties on this track. He shows the consequences of being a hustler in this song. Sort of a I did this, so you don’t have to track. It was all good just a week ago.

Life and Times of Sean Carter Vol. 3: “HOVA SONG (Intro)” “mike jordan of rap- outside jay working- now watch how quickly i drop fifty!” Jigga Man is the man.. baleeeeee-dat!

The Dynasty: Okay Okay.. the song is “This Can’t Be Life” Why can’t this be life? Because Jay-Z takes to another notch! This can’t be life because he raps as if he’s in teh afterlife (HOVA)

The Blueprint: “Momma Loves Me” This whole album is classic!

The Blueprint Two- Gift and the Curse: “The Bounce” from the Gift and Blueprint 2 from the curse. The Bounce will bounce you up out of your mental seat and get you in the mood to get stuff complete. Shoutouts to Kanye for that beat hahah… and the BP2, easily one of my favoritest Jay-Z songs. (brownie points for those who like)!

The Black ALBUM: “Lucipher” hotter than hell lyrics! gotta love it!

Kingdom Come: “BEACH CHAIR”- a post card for listeners. He’s in a dream and the music is the only key to the imagination with this song.

American Gangster: “Say Hello” and welcome the bad guy. Easily a gem. Controversial, captivating, and constructed so beautifully!!


as jay-z debuts a track sometime tomorrow, you can catch up on his music with this handy little to do list!! Jay-Z fans unite!!

after the release of BP3 on 9/11- they will have to change the namme of hip-hop to a pre, modern, and post-jay era in rap!!