Pillow Talk- Confessions

She asked, “why me”

maybe because I see something special in you.
maybe because you deserve to smile.
maybe because when you’re around, i get to escape reality because you’re so down to earth.
maybe because to see you cry should never be seen.
maybe because you sparked my interest when you texted/said “get in touch with nature”
maybe because out of all the female i know, you make sense of the nonsensical.
maybe because im writing this, hoping you won’t see this,
maybe because lately when i think and close my eyes, you may appear for a short glimpse..
maybe because tea wouldve never tasted so sweet to me.
maybe because watching you paint pottery was like watching picasso paint.
maybe because if you really do read this, i might look like an ass.
maybe it’s the way you curl up (bolllshyit)
maybe it’s because you’re just YOU!

maybe because through it all, your smile could possibly save the world;
and if not- it could possibly save………