out of conTEXT!


(856): damnnn let’s go downtown no gay shit.
a little convo about shoe shopping because the nearest store closed down and the only other one is located downtown.

(757): my muva called u last nite
my friend from 7th grade mom is in love with me.. hahaha DUH!

(347): hey beau, i miss you.
lies. never does she really miss me.. i know she misses JW! haha

(917): K. How are u otherwise? How is ur vanilla crush? Lol.
crush is doing well. kinda crushin’ hard though!

(978) sooo rainy! i wish i could be snuggled up…
yea, little do you know, i like snuggling with you!!

(202) im bout to get it n real quick. imma ht u when i finish aight
hahaha i thought he was gnna call me back like 2min later..

(610) i like the way u sing it!
lies again.

hahaha well this raps up today’s text messages!!