Neglect of Gravity

With the absence of gravity, would we just cease to exist? For example- space! Would we just fall endlessly? How long would we fall? Does time cease to exist?

I think I would like it without gravity?

As long as I could float in space, forgetting about time, i wouldn’t mind as long as you’d be within my grasp.

are we selfish if we hold a body and never want to let it go?

what changes the color in an eye?

but back to the topic of gravity or rather the topic of falling?

what falls hurt the most? the ones when you don’t protect yourself. but those falls also just happen to be the most freeing! the most self satisfying!

i know if i fell, it would either be a face-plant or i’d be possibly be caught by the stars.

nullifying the hurt of a face-plant style fall, i think i’d prefer to be caught by the bed of stars.

if i do fall face-plant, it was all worth it!