Farewell, Summer

As the beginning of skewl starts up for most of us college kids, I find myself reminiscing about the wonderful summer fun i’ve had.

This summer was not too promising this year–> I wanted to go to summer skewl because I didn’t wanna be engulfed in the activities at home. I also passed up a crucial internship by deciding to stay in Baltimore for the summer.

I hated my job this summer. I worked for student life at my skewl. I didn’t hate my job just the fact that they didn’t pay. I took two summer classes that were painful to sit through. This summer wasn’t shaping up to be one to remember, but then it hit me!

This summer has been awesome. I did things that I never expected to. And I think I fell in love, well maybe not love, but something close to a very fond liking; nonetheless, I did. However, I’ve learned throughout the years that things change with the seasons. AND RIGHT ABOUT NOW: i can’t help but think about a previous post i wrote a poem–> the line i remember is —> let’s forever keep the summer or something like that.

To every girl I’ve ever done anything wrong or said something disrespectful—- I apologize.
I could make a long list of these to every girl, but i’m gnna cut it short there, but just know I apologize.

How will I make it up to you all?

I will treat my current lady friend with all the respect and care I can possibly give. She deserves it. I met a girl who’s taught me that life is for living and if you want to do soemthing—> go do it!

“she gives me presents with her presence alone”

and everytime i see her, it’s like xmas!

But bye bye summer, I keep seeing more and more students on campus by the day. I guess it’ll be my turn to fade into a memory when things do finally change.

Besides, she’s too perfect to stay around. I don’t deserve such happiness.

IF YOU READ THIS: WORDS CAN NEVER TRULY EXPLAIN HOW MUCH YA MEAN TO ME- even if we only knew each other this summer.