Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon” Review

Hip-Hop Block Reviews Kid Cudi’s Debut Album “Man On The Moon”

Kid Cudderific

Scott Mescudi, also known as Kid Cudi, has given the contemporary hip-hop scene a reason to look up to the stars in search for his other persona as the Man on the Moon. Nowadays, rappers treat their debut albums like a hamper full of dirty laundry. But with Cudi, listeners get a closet full of clean clothes that is ordered by color and style.

Cudi takes us into his mind first and we go through the stages of his life in five acts narrated by rapper Common. The five act sequence gives us a cinematic experience as one should be able to just turn the lights down low and zone out to this album, which in a few years will be seen as a hip-hop classic.

Act One: The End of the Day

For Kid Cudi, the best part of life is when he is dreaming. For most people lost and troubled trying to cope with the everyday problems that occur, life in between dreams can be a struggle.

In the opening track on this album—“In My Dreams”, the trance like beat takes us into the perils of darkness. Ever wanted to put a beat to compliment your darkest dreams? Producer Emile does just that.

“I can think of anything and everything I ever needed/right here in my dreams/everything is A ok/I don’t worry bout anything/cause everyday, everyday, everyday is sunny.”

Cudi lays down the framework for painting the perfect picture of how low things can get in life. Followed by “Soundtrack to My Life,” we see more of Cudi’s life.

“I got/99 problems/and they all b*****/wish I was Jigga man/care free living.”

We all have problems, whether stress from work, boyfriends, finances, school, and on and on and on; however, the next act does not resolve Cudi’s issues set forth in the opening act. In fact, they get worst as the dreams turn into nightmares in the next act.

Act Two: Rise of the Night Terrors

As the song “Solo Dolo” plays, the sounds get more mysterious and darker as Cudi questions the difference between right and wrong and our reasons for existing.

“Listen good/I don’t have/nobody/but what/I might feel/are the sounds of sanity… Why must it/feel so wrong/when I try and do right?”

Honestly, we can ask ourselves the same thing. Why? But after proclaiming himself as Mr. Solo Dolo throughout the chorus of the song, he rephrases the statement to better relate it to the audience.

“Why must it/feel so right/when I know that it’s wrong?”

If you’re reading thus far, have you cheated on a test? That is wrong, but sometimes it feels oh, so right? Have you used a friend’s ID to get into the bar? Well that is wrong, but when your boogying on the dance floor doesn’t it just feel so right?

The last song of this act shows us a more personal side of Cudi that any high school nerd and avid artist can relate to—“My World.” In “My World” ft. Billy Craven Cudi is left lonely when his father dies and he assesses his school situation with the opposite sex.

“tried every sport just to impress all the girls/instead of all the ladies/cause they talked down/I was too artsy/known to be a clown/and now my facebook proper/cause I told the same girls I would be the hot s—“

And according to Cudi on the chorus, “It will be his world!”

Act Three: Taking A Trip

If we rewind the album a couple of songs back to “Mr. Solo Dolo” we can see exactly what Cudi means when he says “Why must it feel so wrong when I try and do right?”

In this act we have the hit single “Day N Nite” (please see Day N Nite Review from an earlier Hip-Hop Block Article” followed by “Sky Might Fall”

Produced by Kanye, Cudi seemingly is thinking aloud- “grey clouds up above mane/metaphors to my life mane.” Even if the sky falls, Cudi won’t worry. He finds shelter in the way he copes with his problems even if that be a preferred drug or alcoholic beverage.

The last song in this act is the trippiest (new word) song on the album. It is about a love connection while not in a normal state of mind. What state of mind is he in you may ask? Check out the lyrics to the song and you can instantly vibe and dance to this song. Make sure you’re with a friend!

With the last two acts being: Stuck and A New Beginning the cycle of a great album has completed its 360 degree revolution.

This album is a classic. It is propelled by a unique sound with its beats that are complemented by the lyrics. The beats and the lyrics make the songs; in turn, those songs make up the acts which all come together to make a cohesive depiction of a story through rap.

HOUSTON, HOUSTON, we have a problem. There has been a man spotted on the moon. Because Cudi is not just a rapper or singer or techno proprietor or club music man, but simply an artist—Kid Cudi is distancing himself from other rappers with his debut album.

While most music artists today may be in their own little worlds, Cudi is out of this world where he finds his home on the moon!

So Blast off and enjoy this unearthly creation that is a soon-to-be classic!

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive~