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Hip-Hop Block Presents, “MTV- The List: Top 10 MC’s of 2009”

One of popular culture’s biggest influences, MTV, recently compiled a list of the hottest emcees/rappers for 2009. MTV, as a major player in the our-opinion-trumps-others music field, has caused a lot of ruckus and backlash from hip-hop fans worldwide.

The rappers that appear on this list (in no particular order) are Lil Wayne, Kanye, Drake, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Fabolous, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, and Raekwon. The majority of the rappers on this list, I’m sure mainstream music has forced onto the airwaves, are household names.

For example, anybody that has skimmed the airwaves on their radios past a hip-hop and R&B (rhythm and blues) station has heard of Lil Wayne and Drake. There is a joke in the hip-hop industry that Drake, who is signed to Lil Wayne’s label Young Money, has purchased the radio stations with all the airplays he receives.

Then, we have Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane has appeared on a number of spins on the radios as well, ranging from Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” and singer Mario’s “Break Up.”

Raekwon, the least known name on the list, ranked in at number 10, but his last released album, “Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. II” is the only album to bring back the gangster rap we have come to love from the early-to-mid 90s.

A question you may have is how MTV decided on who made the list and who got cut?

That answer can be found on their website; however, the list is lacking in substance and somewhat accuracy in the minds and hearts of true rap fans. Some of the factors that come into play when determining a rapper’s level of hotness are how their words on the microphone penetrate the ears of the mass media. Another factor is the artist’s talent and how it relates to the quality of the music, followed by success musically and entrepreneurially. Do they sell albums, ringtones, or singles? And last but surely not least, are they trendsetters and the number of airwave plays on the radio these rappers receive.

Sway, the animated host for the great hip-hop debate of 2009 was the moderator of 8 MTV staffers who discussed the aforementioned factors along with others to determine the list. Stemming from these artist’s work over the past 8-12 months, I present to you MTV’s top ten hottest mc’s in the game (of rap).

10. Raekwon
Raekwon is a hip-hop legend. He can be heard on the Wu-Tang Clan records from back in the day that stress the value and importance of what hip-hop means today. He released the sequel to his first album, “Only Built for Cuban Linx” in September 08, 2009 and has sold 110,000 units so far. Starting off where his first album left off in 1995, Raewkon keeps his raps authentic, meriting him the tenth spot on the list.

9. 50 Cent
Many people can argue that they haven’t heard any music from “Fiddy” Cent this year; however, he is doing his thing in not only the mixtape arena, but also the online scene. Check out thisis50.com for new artist and rap beefs. He also helped Rick Ross sell with the entertainment or internet beef these two rappers had.

8. Fabolous
By dropping his fifth solo album, Fabolous claims the eighth spot. Eighth spot? Just throw it in the bag. “Loso’s Way” inspired by the movie Carlito’s Way was released in July and has sold 99,000 units.

7. Young Jeezy
Although his first two albums went platinum (over a million units sold), his last album “The Recession” has sold 260,000 his first week, and he earns the right to be in the 7th spot, just check out his song “My President is Black” that owned the airwaves in November of 2008.

6. Gucci Mane
Trapper turned rapper, Gucci Mane, is the king of the South right now with his slurring rap delivery. He is on the hottest pop songs of 2009 as well. His head-banging beats belong in the car stereo- you can’t do homework and listen to Gucci, he’s too cold (Burr).

5. Rick Ross
His last album has sold just fewer than 600,000 units this year. With hot guest appearances and an internet scuffle with 50 Cent, Ricky Ross proves he’s the boss at the 5th spot.

4. Kanye
Kanye changed the game with his platinum selling album “808s and Heartbreaks” without even rapping. Auto-tune produced and Kanye approved. VMA’s anyone? Kanye’s going to let other’s speak, but not until he’s left his mark. (Drops Microphone).

3. Drake
“Successful,” “Best I Ever Had,” “Forever,” or “Money to Blow.” Apparently, if you throw Drake on the track, you’re destined to get airplay. He takes the third spot with just one officially released mixtape. Word? Word!

2. Lil Wayne
Weezy F. Baby. His last album, “The Carter III” has gone 3x platinum.

1. Jay-Z
“Death of Autotune” Jay-Z single-handedly dismantled the entire hip-hop culture and destroyed the artists who overuse Auto-Tune. Someone tell T-Pain, “hey hey hey, goodbye!”

So, here’s the list, but there are some discrepancies. Rapper Jadakiss has said if you take this list and ask the rappers on it who belong, they will tell you they have Jadakiss on the list.

Where does Lupe Fiasco end up on the list? (Wait a minute. He didn’t make it). Did he not kick-push the airwaves in 2008?

The most noticeable absentee from the list is rapper Eminem. He sold just a bit over 600,000 copies his first week? Rappers are lucky to even skim those numbers in overall sells, yet he doesn’t deserve to even be an honorable mention?

If I had it my way, DOV, instead of MTV, we would see a major change in the list. But for now, hip-hop fans have to digest this propaganda of the hottest rappers given to us by MTV.

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive~ (especially if MTV doesn’t’).

*Thanks to Antonio Westmoreland for gathering the necessary information for this article.