“You Down With Oh-Pee-Pee… (Rappers with Other Rapper’s Girls)”

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

One thing that is pushing the hip-hop industry and keeps listeners in tune is: RAP BEEF. As a rapper, you can attack your opponent’s delivery, lyrical ability, word play, baby mama drama, bank account, entourage, group, affiliations, or their LADIES.

But it is funny what a little fame can do to any situation. We all know Jay-Z crept with Nas’ baby momma and left the evidence near Nas’ child’s baby seat in the car. We all know Tupac had a little fun with Biggie’s fiancee. The list can continue.

As we review the events in the book of Genesis we see that Eve ate the apple from the garden first causing man’s fall from Grace. I want to know why creeping with someone’s lady is the worst thing you can do in the rap game. That’s what took Jay-Z and Beyonce so long to get married. Jay-Z couldn’t be embarrassed.

Biggie said it a while back: “Don’t leave your girl around me/True player foreal, ask Puff Daddy”

So with that said: here are a couple of lyrics I picked up on about rapper’s infatuation about other people’s women. I see why there is a term called “groupies”

“he don’t know I went raw dog, three strokes”- KanYe “BIG DEAL”
–> Apparently Ye has a kid running around in the world, and his father doesn’t know he isn’t the true dad.

“soulja boy tell em/ the hottest rapper on the planet/ your girl love me/ and i know you can’t stand it”- Soulja Boy “PRONTO”
–> He might not be the hottest rapper on the planet, but I’ve watched him YOOUUUU from the stage and had a crowd full of girls cheer and chant. OUT of the crowd, there was girlfriend or two.. hmm

“my satellite trippin’/ I watch TV at your girl house/ my homies fell through/ we had a smoke out at your girl house” – Curren$y “MODERN DAY HIPPIE”
–> if he can smoke at your girls house with the homies, i’m sure he can do plenty more (if he hasn’t already)

“why when we say we young mula/ the bitches leave yall/ and really run to us”- Weezy “WATCH MY SHOES”
–> okay. Weezy and the gang may have bank rolls, but they have your girls toooo.

“if you love her/ then hide your bitch/ so you keep shawty”- Wiz Khalifa “THIS PLANE”
–> Don’t let her out at the club, son. Don’t!

Wale (Wah-Lay)
“I pray my main mistress/never fuck my opposition”- Wale “SAY SOMETHING FREESTYLE”
–> Wale already knows about the OPP rules.

“she keep beggin’ me to hit it raw/ so she can have my kid/ and say it was yours/ how foul is she?/ and you wifed her/ shit, i put the rubber on tighter”- Jay-Z “IS THAT YOUR CHICK”
–> This entire song is what this post should be based off of.

“even stevie wonder wonder/ why your baby mama call so much/ i had to change my number”- Gucci Mane “GINGERBREAD MAN”
–> money goes a long way if Gucci pullin’ them..

Nasty Nas
“shouldn’t knew she wasn’t true/ she came to me when her man caught a sentence” -Nas “ONE MIC”
–> Her man got locked. He came to her. She left him. DUH! She jewels/diamonds are blinding. Don’t give them no cheese.

Big Sean
“I can’t feel shit, but my dick in yo bitch”- Big Sean “ROLLIN”
–> ugh! And you still love her?!

J. Cole
“I ain’t tryna take his place/I’m just tryna hit you up”- J. Cole “SPLIT YOU UP”
–> does her boyfriend know you feel like that J. Cole?

“niggas ain’t bout shit/ I’ll take yo broad/ I can fuck yo bitch”- TI “EVERY CHANCE I GET”
–> If it’s that serious, you don’t have to take her, You can HAVE her.

“I make ya girl want me/ and if she don’t, she should”- Jeezy “I LOVE YOUR GIRL REMIX”
–> I LOVE YOUR GIRL. If you make a song about it. Just leave her alone.

So what have we learned today?

1. Don’t trust ’em. (Just kidding)
2. Choose wisely.
3. Don’t love and learn too often.

Last but not least,
“I don’t need you honey, I beats my dick like it owe me money”- KID CUDI/Dave Chapelle