“Jay-Z IS NOT in a Secret Cult (Society, maybe)”

**I am a fan of Jay-Z**

Jigga in Concert

Rapper Jay-Z

Reasons Why Jay-Z isn’t a part of a Cult

I’m sure most of you Internet users (hmm if that doesn’t encompass most of the world) have heard about Jay-Z being in a cult like group called the Illuminati or FreeMasonry organization that worships the devil. However, I am here to argue that.

He could possibly be Islamic had it not been for Jay’s Catholic roots. I’m not catholic but I know a lot about their teachings and sayings. Jay uses a lot about it, i.e: rosary, hail mary’s, etc. But He may be one of those 5 percenter’s too because Nas called him out on Ether saying, “What you tryna kick knowledge, negro please.”

Many people may say that Hova (haha) sold his soul to the devil as a way to knock the hustle. Yes, he is one of the most successful African- Americans in our country and lifetime, but one doesn’t have to sell their soul to the devil to do as well as he has. If we as a people see making our dreams come true as selling out then hey, I sold out a long time ago.

Of course his latest video “On to the Next One” looks devil-like, but that is Jigga being the smart ass that he is. Taking advantage of the people and doing better for himself. But you can’t knock it. We let rumors run our everyday lives. Why?

We should not be focused on who the next man worships, but who do we worship? Money, Girls, Cars, Money? !!? We need to think for ourselves and not be consumed by speculations or accusations.

I have seen the video on Jay being in the cult and as an avid (brainwashed) fan I couldn’t bare it and felt like I wasted my day watching the video. I have been in Catholic School ever since I began to learn so pre-kindergarten. A few of the bible verses the guy used was not at all related to Jay-Z being in a cult.

To prove it: Genesis Chapter 3:16 says God would create enmity between the woman and her offspring. He would strike at his head while the serpent strikes at his heel. Blah blah blah→ This verse is God telling the devil/serpent he would send Jesus Christ as a descendant of Adam and Eve. He would be born w/out original sin and the whole Christmas story begins. As you can see ( a phrase he used quite often) has nothing to do with being an anti-christ or whatever he was yapping his mouth about.

Please people think for yourselves. Don’t let someone think for you. In the meantime take these pro-Christ Jay-Z quotes and enjoy some Jigga man, whether he worships himself or any other higher being we all represent ourselves and worship the same ultimate being. Peace and love.


Jay-Z in concert

H to the Izzo

“Still tryna hold on to my religion, so I put a couple diamonds in the crosses” “Go Hard Remix

“I’ma be that nigga for life. This is not an image. This is God-given. This is hard living mixed with Cristal sippin’”- Never Let Me Down (College Dropout)

“I gotta get my soul right. I gotta get these devils out my life.” Lucifer (Black Album)

“If this shit is lies God strike me. And I gotta question are you forgive guys who live just like me we’ll never know. One day I prayed to you and said I’d if ever blow I’d let em know..”- Where I’m From (In My Lifetime, Vol. 1)

“Three shots didn’t touch me thank God for that.”- Moment of Clarity (Black Album)

“I’m just glad we got to see each other. Talk and re-meet each other. Save a place in heaven til the next time we meet forever.” Moment of Clarity (Black Album)

“I ain’t tryna be hard, but I’m guilty as charged. Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God and pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars.”- Lucky Me (In My Lifetime, Vol. 1)

I got 99 problems and worshiping the devil ain’t one..

“We all fish better teach ya folk. Give em money to eat then next week he’s broke.”- Never Change (Blueprint)

“I see I said. Jealousy I said. Got the whole industry mad at me I said. Then B.I. said Hov’ remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” A Dream (Blueprint 2)

“Young niggas that blast for me, no religion”- Dear Summer (534)

“Sure he’s rich now cuz he saw the shit all the shit. That’s why they call him Hova cuz he came before all the shit all this shit.” The Prelude (Kindgom Come)

“How could you falter? When you’re the rock of Gibraltar, I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water.”→ That’s saying he’s Christ like, but not Christ or the devil at all.- Diamonds (Late Registration)

“Dear God I wonder can you save me. Illuminati want my mind soul and my body.”- D’Evils (Reasonable Doubt)

“Spread love to all of my dead thugs”- Lucifer (Black Album)

“Yall fell into the booby trap. I set the trap. Just to see dude react.”- Blueprint 2 (Blueprint 2) Exactly why he is feeding off of this nonsense about being in a cult.

And on that note, I want to say, think for yourself. Don’t let others influence the music you like to listen to.