Black History Month Album of the Day: “Untitled” Nas


Nasty Nas

“They say we N-I-Double G-E-R/ We are much more still they choose to ignore.”- Nas

Today the black history month album of the day is Nas’ Untitled album for various reasons.

The fact the album is untitled shows a problem with our country. The retraction of free speech. He could not name his album The Nigger Album because it would be less likely to sell and could possibly kill the career of Nas.

President Washington and Slaves

The only unanimously voted president was George Washington. Washington, in fact, owned slaves. Our country were built upon an image that people (majority) wanted to uphold for our country instead of actually giving the african-american male a voice in our nation.

In memory of our ancestors counting as 3/5 of a person, please check out the Untitled Album by Nas. It has 15 tracks of history. Want to learn something instead of dancing, check it out.

“NIGGER”- slaves were kings before they were deemed barbaric and unsaved by Western Culture.
“Fried Chicken”- plays on the stereotype of blacks and their obsession with fried chicken. He compares his african queen to the juicy-ness and tasty-ness of powerful fried poultry.

“Sly Fox”- a shot at the conservative FOX network.

“Project Roach”- if a nuclear war hits, the roach is the only thing to survive. sounds like the soul of the negro =)

“You Can’t Stop Us Now”- after the years of slavery and the discrimination and racism that still exists today, the song title is enough to empower the african-american male.

NO ONE CAN STOP YOU. Black is beautiful. You can succeed in life. Even though societal pressures are made to oppress based on the color of your skin, you can show them that Martin Luther King Jr’s dream will become a reality.