Black History Month Album of the Day: College Dropout- Kanye

Kanye- To- The
“And all my peoples that’s drug dealin’ just to get by/ Stack ya money til it gets sky high/ We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25/ Jokes on you we still alive.”- KanYe

Kanye never had nothing handed and took nothing for granted.

College Dropout is a game-changing album. A friend of mine told me yesterday that Kanye represents the flyness of the african-american attitude. Rap doesn’t just have to be about gangster hustle, but instead Kanye reflects the ability to be fly or want to be fly in the african-american race.

Kanye is, in fact, the pretty boy who hung around the gangsters. With a work ethic like a slave, Kanye’s career began from locking himself up in his apt. room and making up to 5 beats a day. That is dedication.


“All Falls Down”- the soul sister in college who loves shopping and has a life of her own.
“Spaceship”- You can’t buy the things you want making minimum wage, but that’s the way of the system. Ever wanted to fly away from it all?
“Jesus Walks”- he’s here to turn atheist into believers. war with terrorism, racism, and war with ourselves.
“Never Let Me Down”- Jay-Z is on this track. That is all.
“Slow Jamz”- She doesn’t wanna dance to 1000 songs. slow it up for her.
“Two Words”- most def with a two word commentary on the country and happenings in it.
“Last Call”- The life and career of Kanye over music.

This album was pivotal in hip-hop. It was arguably before the Internet rappers made a surge. He is not only a ok rapper, he is an even better producer. Taking soulful samples from songs back in the day, Kanye is showing that the system meant to oppress will no longer bind him to their hate.

College Dropout! Check it out. Thank goodness I’m about to graduate though!