Heartbreak Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Block Presents: Heartbreaking Hip-Hop

Many people find themselves single and hating the 14th of February this time of year. It could possibly be the lack of love they have yet to stumble upon, or they came across a recent heartbreak and haven’t fully recovered. Well, there is always a remedy to the solution.


Music plays a crucial part in American entertainment. If you aren’t influenced by music on the Internet, television, or radio, then coping with life sometimes can be hard. Because music can help you cope, here is a couple of songs that can help you move on from the weekend and any debaucheries stemming from last Sunday (cough cough- Valentine’s Day).

“Heartless” by Kanye can stop one from going over the deep in; for example, Kanye says, “You got a new friend/ Well I got homies/ But in the end/ It’s still so lonely.” After heartbreak, what does one do? Don’t sulk. At the end of the day, we must know we fall in love more than once and these aren’t the Renaissance courtship days.

Need something with a little flare to blast in your headphones to block out the sounds that remind you of him or her? “See You in My Nightmares” by Kanye featuring Lil’ Wayne can jump start your aural sense, giving your love life new hope. Kanye belts out using AutoTune, “Tell everybody that you know/ That I don’t love you no more.”

On the rollercoaster we call love, “Highs N Lows” by Kid Cudi is also another gem that can help you to shine in a dull love life. When Cudi talks about the things that make him high in life, it also emphasizes the lows that he faces. Losing the girl that he thought was the one, Cudi says, “But I was high/ When I finally had the chance to see/ Everything this pretty ain’t always good for me.”

But, Valentine’s Day is a day of love for a reason. If you like Valentine’s Day, then songs like “Think About Me” by 50 Cent is a treasure full of goodness. Ever want to stop a girl or guy in class just to ask them, “Do you think about me?” If you ever wondered what a person thought about when their eyes were closed, this song is for you.

Now, if you want to take it back and you prefer a softer, more nursery rhyme for your love, you can turn to LL Cool J. The ladies love him, and songs like “I Need Love” can explain. Cool J says, “I can’t believe that found/ A desire for true love floating around.” If you need love in life, then your ears need this song.

For those who push love to the side for the fun in being promiscuous, Jay-Z’s classic single, “Girls Girls Girls” is enough to stroke the ego of any player. If you love girls, and find yourself with more than one Valentine, then this song is for you.

In our world today, love isn’t cool. We place material possessions over significant others. We lie. We cheat. We hate. If there was more love in the world, things would be better. Valentine’s Day should be year around. If you have a lover, make them feel special everyday. Hip-Hop was my Valentine. I love her each and everyday of the year. What do you love?

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive~