“Nothing On You”- B.o.B. (A Review)

Hip-Hop Block Presents “Nothing On You” by B.O.B. ft. Bruno Mars

Dear Beautiful Girls, are you tired of the polygamy-glorifying lyrics in rap, or even the misogynistic message in hip-hop music? When it comes to music, do you prefer the “bedrocking” songs that ritually play on the radio? Or would you prefer a song that your lovely significant other can sing to you every waking morning, even make it your ringtone?

Well, 21-year old Bobby Ray Simmons, better known as B.O.B. in the hip-hop scene has the cure for your aural ailments. “Nothing on You” is 2010’s first song like Drake’s 2009 “Best I Ever Had” track.

Before the jazzy, piano guided beat drops accompanying a steady, funky, snazzy snare composed by the Smeezingtons—the melodic voice of Bruno Mars immediately grabs your attention as he soulfully sings the chorus dedicated his main lady.

“Beautiful girls all over the world/
I could be chasing but my time would be wasted/
They got nothing on you baby/
Nothing on you baby/
They might say hi and I might say hey/
But you shouldn’t worry about what they say/
’Cause they got nothing on you baby/
Nothing on you baby.”

My first real girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up with me after she helped me move into my college dorm room freshman year. After maturing and moving on, she said it was honestly because she thought she wouldn’t matter to me while I was away at school and that I would forget about her.

Four years later, this song comes along. This song may have been what I needed to make things work. Guys, if you love your girlfriend or significant other, take a lesson and let her know that the other girls don’t matter. Reassure her that she is the reason you wake up every morning. Reassure her that she is the reason for your overage for your cell phone minutes. But let her know she’s worth it.

After the gaudy piano intro and background vocals, B.O.B. shows you his southern, alternative hip-hop style. Bobby Ray gives his listeners an account of his flirtatious attempts at the girls from his past.

“With no directions just tryna get some (some)/ Tryna chase skirts, living in the summer sun (sun)/ This is how I lost more than I had ever won/ And honestly I ended up with none.”

Bobby Ray leaves us with the impression that he is a cheater, but does telling the truth justify his actions?
Bobby Ray Simmons

“But never mind that we should let it go (we should let it go)/ ‘Cause we don’t wanna be a tv-episode (t.v. episode)/ And all the bad thoughts just let them go (go, go, go).”

Nobody wants drama in their relationships, so B.O.B. is asking his mate to just let all the problems dissolve; because when it comes down to it, he has found his paragon of a lover and wants her to know that she need not worry about anyone else.

From his trips to London, Paris, Tokyo, New Orleans, and his hometown in Georgia, the girls that he comes across could be courted, but the girl the song is about is already his damsel in distress.

“And just like that girl you got me froze/ Like a Nintendo 64.”

Anytime a rapper sings about a girl on a song (Kanye, cough cough) then you know it’s serious. “Everywhere I go I’m always hearing your name/ And no matter where I’m at girl you make me wanna sing/ Whether a bus or a plane or a car or a train/ No other girls in my brain and you the one to blame.”

So, to all the beautiful girls out there, this is a song meant of the springtime. To all the guys out there, this song is to the lover in you. The iTunes single price jumped from $0.99 to $1.29, but this song can be an insurance premium for your relationship.

You’re the best I ever had—I’m sorry—I meant babe, the other girls have nothing on you. Sure, we can chase all the pretty girls in the world, but we’d be single forever. When you find your special someone, make him or her feel special all the time.

Good women are becoming extinct in today’s world. So we don’t have to visit a museum to see a true and beautiful girl one day, let’s preserve the ones we have.

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive (The beautiful girls are)~