Rihanna’s Rude Boy: A Review

Hip-Hop Block Presents: Rihanna’s Rude Boy

Where did all the Gentleman go? With Rihanna’s latest Single Rude Boy, the courting days have been forgotten. Pulling chairs out for dates, opening the car doors, holding open doors, and the old saying, “ladies first” has no meaning in our day and age anymore. Chivalry must have died.

However, Rihanna shows her talented singing and writing skills with this song. Sex really does sell, and with the 4th spot on the iTunes singles’ chart, it seems like our morals have changed.

Rihanna’s new single can be taken two different ways: you are either engaging in a passionate-driven moment on the dance floor with your accompanying partner, or you are about to engross into an experience that Marvin Gaye sang he needed healing for.

Opening with a brief interlude that sounds like the vocals of Chris Brown, the beat immediately picks up and Rihanna attemps to sing her raunchy chorus.

“Come here rude boy, boy, can you get it up?/ Come here rude boy, boy is you big enough?/ Take, take, baby, baby/ Take it, take it, love me, love me.”

When I first heard the song, I didn’t listen to the chorus or lyrics much. I was in shock when I actually listened to the words. I thought I was hearing things after listening to the chorus, but then she repeats it to emphasize her point.

This is promiscuity at its best. After a hectic relationship, you would expect Rihanna’s comeback to focus on Chris Brown, but she has transcended that and is focusing on her wants and needs in Rude Boy.

Aside from the song’s sexual nature, it is a popular and good song. You can hear it playing in parties, clubs, dorm rooms, vehicles, iPods in the quad—wherever. But ladies, you have to be cautious of the setting this song is played.

For example, if you sing this song or play it when you’re doing homework with your study buddy, he may get the wrong message. If you don’t want to be seen as THAT Loyola girl that is the so-called stereotypical wealthy and willing type, then you shouldn’t wear the uniform. This song is included with that uniform.

On girl’s night out, I know- “You just want to dance,” but what expression do you leave a guy with after grinding or even hand dancing with them when the lyrics playing are- “Do you like it boy? I wa-wa-want what you wa-wa-want/ Give it to me, baby like boom boom boom/ What I wa-wa-want is what you wa-wa-want/ Na, na.”

We need songs such as Rude Boy because of its airplay, relative impact, ability to relate to it, beat, and vibe the song gives off, but we need all these qualities that can send a different message.

But, sex does sell; for instance, I am infatuated with this song. Girls may just want to dance and can be a major reason why this song is topping the charts. At the same time, I can’t help but imagine multiple different scenarios in my mind where Rihanna would be singing this song to me in person. I honestly do believe that a song is best when it makes you think (wink wink).

“Tonight I’mma give it to you harder/ Tonight I’mma turn your body out/ Relax, let me do it how I wanna/ If you got it, I need it and I’mma put it down/ Buckle up, I’mma give it to you stronger/ Hands up, we can go a little longer/ Tonight I’mma get a little crazy/ Get a little crazy, baby.”

Dearest Rihanna, you are talented at playing with people’s emotions and minds. In doing so, you have one of the hottest singles out on the radio at the present moment. Whether people like your singing voice, admire your beauty, are moonstruck by your appearance, like your dancing, or enjoy you as a person, I pose one question—Do good guys finish last?

I know this song is asking about a rude boy, but as a gentleman, I have doubts about what girls truly want. Do girls want a good guy? Do they prefer the bad guy?

Let’s just hope that like Rihanna says, girls “wa-wa-want, what I wa-wa-want” because only then can both parties share in bliss that two people can create.

Rihanna asks to be loved at the end of this song. Little does she seem to know that if she looks for love in the wrong places, she will only find heartbreak. Guys stay true! Remain the nice guys you are. Rude Boys finish last in the end.

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive (Sexually explicit songs are)~