“Wonder Why”

Why women get upset when men call them bitches?
I don’t take offense when you call dude dogs
Doghouse the good-guy
When he loves you from your hair follicles
To the atoms and particles
That make up the beauty on the inside
But you villanize
“If it wasn’t for you pesky kids”
and that meddling dog

I’m buying grub not tryna just make love
You wanna take the place of my favorite drug
So inhale then exhale
Let me blow your mind with words
And stimulate your interest.
Let me teach you that all dogs won’t beat you
If you never said hi, baby
I was just glad to meet you.
All dogs go to heaven and I
got some tricks to treat ya.

I need the Heimlich maneuver
When I think I might lose ya
I’m losing my breath
Can’t feel my chest
Tired of playing games, so
Baby you got me checked
I just wanna sit and shoot the breeze
Treat you like a Pharisees
If you need some clarity
Just know that I’m a nice guy
And I’d marry me

But you like the rough and tough dogs.
Let him play dead and sleep after he’s fed.
And shit!
He’s so broke he can’t pay attention
But you got my attention
Like im sitting in high school detention
Waiting for the bell to strike 4.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Well let me be your eggs, bacon, biscuit, toast, toaster strudel, and OJ.
I like the way you laugh
The way you blink your eyes
Wiggle your toes,
the way you make sure all the hair makes it into the pontytail
the way you say lol at the end of your text
the way you seem to pirouette when you glide through the doors
the way your eyes look up from your textbook
the statuses on your facebook
the way your teeth taste
all the way to the way you pronounce

Let me make a poem about love
And no one will listen.
Let me make a song about cheating
And everyone’s comprehending
Let me make a poem about the color of your eyes
And theyd rather hear about me between your thighs.
These other dudes make you cry.
Well let me dry those eyes
A picture is worth a thousand words
And I have you in my mental Rolodex—
This is a kodac moment
If you could be a fly on the wall
Then you’d know all dudes aint dogs.

You wonder why we call you bitch?
I wonder why you call us dogs too!