Umbrellas Are In For 20-10!

Hey, this summer is shaping up to be a warm one- with problems like global warming (do your research, folks)

While the Spring temperatures reached 86 degrees the other day, many were faced with sad faces to find the weather at about 40 degrees. But you can get your fresh and fly on this summer.

Whether rain or snow, Umbrellas are a fashion trend this summer. I know you may like to soak up the sun while getting your tan on, but this is the remedy when that sun is scorching hot!

Today’s featured Fashionable Umbrella is Felix Rey.
Felix Rey Umbrella Love Tote

Need to make it through in the rain- these will protect.
Need to stay cool in the shade- these will give you cover.
Want to stay fashionable and dry- Felix Rey is great.

Felix Rey Umbrella

leopard Felix Rey

Walking the walk!

~fashion fades, style is forever (Yves Saint Laurent)~