Why I Love the iPhone

Hey, I love my iPhone with all my heart. It is my very own personal people blocker. Don’t want to talk, I answer my phone. Don’t want to talk, I throw on the iPod. Don’t want to answer the phone, “Oh, I’m sorry- it was on silent.” Anyway, I love it.

iPhone 3Gs

Phone: Ring, Ring! The main reason for it all.
Text: Sometimes I hate how much I text.
Safari: Internet opens possibilities.
Email: I have 4 different ones. Personal, School, Blog, and Various activities =)

iPod: Gotta, I just gotta have my music.
iCal: Keep me synced with my hectic schedule.
FaceBook: My main marketing tool. FRIEND ME!
Echofon: Twitter, because I love twitter with all my heart. @DOtheDude
BankOfAmerica: So I can check how broke I am on a day-to-day basis.
AIM: LOLitzDO. I’m instantly there in a second.
Photos: You should see the things my camera sees 😉
Camera: I never miss a dull moment.
Settings: I interchange between silent and vibrate a lot.
Weather: Jacket or sweater. Scarf or gloves?
Notes: LOL. For my eyes only.
Clock: I always have to set an alarm for when I sleep.
ToDo: I’m a busy man, man.
NYTimes: I’m a Communications major. Dear PR Folks- this is my resume, lol.
WordPress: Wouldn’t be able to blog without it.
Wordbook: Dictionary because I read a lot.

Contacts: I’m going to delete 75% of it after I graduate.
YouTube: The slowest working app on the iPhone if you on 3G 😦
Stocks: So my finance and business major friends know I’m hip.
Maps: I get lost in Baltimore. Shoutouts to the DC natives who get lost too.
VoiceMemos: Recordings of my everyday philosophies.
Calculator: 2 + 2 = 5. Exactly.
iTunes & AppStore: I purchase most of my music… and apps.
Compass: I am an Eagle Scout in general.
myWireless: gotta drop that cash for my phone bill, boyyyy
Mark the Spot: because I report all dropped calls to At&T.
iDisk: music.documents.email.all in one.
Remote: Abacadabra I can control my iTunes.
GoogleEarth: I’m watching you.
DocsToGo: Because I really need Pages on the iPad.

ScoreCenter: Because I’m too busy to catch SportsCenter.
TheSimpsons: The arcade game for when I’m tired of helping out the kids at work play sporcle.
Madden NFL: heavenly addition on my phone.
MsPacMan: Because I eat dots like candy.
MGSTouch: Medal Gear Solid on my iPhone / PS3 hahaha.
Tetris: I used to be on the blocks for a while.
Checkers: Prefer checkmating, though.
SimonClassic: Helps me to remember things/I loved this game.
Waldo: I like to search and look for Waldo because I have found myself.
Scrabble: I’m a man of words, remember?
iBowl: Strike (because it was free)
PocketPiano: Beethoven of the words.
i Am t-Pain: 808s and Heartbreak-ing
TicTacToe: x’s and o’s.
Soundhound: I need to know that song, I got the app to find out.
FanDango: I like to go to the movies, A LOT.

Flickr: because I like to share poetic pictures.
Skype: lookin forward to VOIP. Skype reminds me of long-distance relationships that don’t work out.
pMessenger: The iPhone’s version of the BBM!
KnockingVideo: Wanna see what video my iPhone can shoot?
WolframAlpha App: Helps me to look up the numbers in pi!
UStream: Look at what I do! and stream my video shoots.
myLite: My roommate always has the lights off, so I carry a flashlight on my phone.
Dictation: I speak. The iPhone records it. Turns it into text. I keeps it moving!
Discovery: What does the discovery channel have for viewing pleasure?
AmazonKindle: I want an iPad. This can leave soon.
GoodReads: See the books I read.
Flavors: My website –> http:flavors.me/LOLitzDO
Wikipedia: Sometimes, general knowledge is the best.
TWC: To make sure the regular non-deletable weather app works.
Starbucks: I needs to kmonw where I can find my passion-lemonade mixed tea (sweetened)
Stanza: Free books. Free books. Online/downloadable free books!

Yelp: I need to know where the hot food places are!
TiltZoom: Because I really wanted a closeup of Jay-Z at a concert.
Chipotle: It is easier to order food via the phone than in-line.
iBookshelf: Another goodreads!

These are all the reasons an iPhone makes my life convenient and manageable. I literally am in love with my phone.

Tweeting #teamiphone all the way to the best phone ever created.