Why I Follow the People I Follow on Twitter!

Twitter, twitter, twitter. Twitter was not only fun when I first started to use it, but it was also a new way to network.

I had my first twitter account- a while back about a year and a half ago. When I randomly @’d (mentioned) rapper 88-Keys a review I wrote about his song- Stay Up (Viagra)- he immediately responded saying, he’d seen it before.

When I asked newcomer rapper, did he graduate magna cum laude from St. John’s University, J. Cole responded saying yes with a 3.87 GPA- that’s pretty impressive.

For me, Twitter was not about how many people followed you. That didn’t boost my morale or self esteem any- It was about what I had to say. An outlet for #IMO’s. My old twitter account @LOLitzDO had about 260 followers. But because of jobs and stuff I had to delete it and start anew @DOtheDude. (Twitter Name Now: @_LOLitzDO)

Although my followers aren’t the same, I don’t feel any different. It doesn’t matter, but I was compelled- in light of a few people asking me to follow them or say I’m too good to follow them- and ended up writing this: Why I follow those I follow.


A-West (@Mr_Wavy_Crocket): This is my best man fo’ life. Although we bump heads a lot, we can always find some common ground on twitter, mayne!

Washington Post (@WashingtonPost): I go to school in Baltimore, so I need to stay up on the local news back home.

Mac-Tweeter (@macTweeter): Because they always got the word on Apple products- deals and rumors.

JW Sargent (@woahhhjw): My other ace. Future rockstar, future financier. J-Dubs is that dude.

Jordan Pitts(@MrPitts_): Soul-Brother. Interesting music taste. Jay-Z fan. Enough said.

Dave Cowans (@DCow202): My homie from DC. One of the few heads who live inside DC graduating college with a degree in Engineering. Funny-Nerd!

Julianka (@Julianka): Fashionista and Fashion Connoisseur. (maybe she’ll marry me, lol) Check her blog here: JULIANKA

Carla (@pinkgrammar): Runs the Twitter for @BaltimoreSun and is a nice and genuine, funny tweeting person. Very helpful.

Marjorie Thousand (@MissThousand): Fashion Guru. A major angel in my life.

Samantha Blee (@Ciao_samantha): My editor for the school’s newspaper. She is a doll. I love her. Without her hip-hop block (and this blog probably) wouldn’t exist.

Taylor Williams (@killerlipstick): She is cool and has an awesome music taste, as well as a few other things.

Marissa Bholan (@serendipity0718): My go to journalism when I have the big name stories and she writes for the NY Times. =)

Siobhan Watson (@stwatson): Talented writer. Hopefully we can work together in the future on a nice little project.

Jada Diamond (@Jada_C0UTURE): I follow her because of equal opportunities. Teaches me how the mind of a female works (sometimes).

Tyler Fitzpatrick (@Fitzy441): A talented photographer. You like photos? This is who you need.

Tywon Lawson (@TyLawson3): The Law back in the day. Whatever he said went! Now he’s the LAW on the court (nba- that is)

Monty The Mack- BL (@Montythemack): Got that new-new; new music that is!

Tania (@queenittybitty): Single parent mom. College student. My man’s ex-gf. Good times reading her tweets. She keeps it real!

Justin White (@itsdjwhite): Your girlfriend’s favorite DJ and my buddy. VIP all day, makes me feel like a superstar. Thanks!

Charles Clark (@CGWacko): Make sure his tweets are groomed enough to keep the hip-hop block column alive in the newspaper after I graduate.

Carly Cedermark (@Carlyvous): Introduced me to twitter.

Abigail (@Abigailsauve): Keeps me in tune with my poetic voice with her emo- yet loving tweets.

Amanda Poole (@MandaPhenomenon): My lovely little buddy. Check out her blog: AMANDA

Shout outs to The Library Of Congress for archiving the tweets on twitter in another attempt by the government to control or survey our daily thoughts. Maybe next, Facebook will sell its rights to the government next.

For more dope-thoughts or to travel in the depths of my mind: follow me on Twitter- @_LOLitzDO.

I should be back on my true-twitter game soon =)