Kush And Orange Juice Review

Hip-Hop Block Reviews: “Kush and Orange Juice”

11:11am “What’s good, son?”
“Ain’t nothing, foreal—about to download that new Wiz Khalifa mixtape when it drop at 12:30.”
“Yea, the net said it was dropping around then.

12:55 pm “Hello.”
“Yea son! 8 more minutes?”
“8 more minutes for what?”
“The Wiz will be finished downloading.”

Credit: Amanda Hatfield

Anticipation. Anticipation leads to buzz. Buzz leads to hype. Hype leads to success. Wiz Khalifa’s highly anticipated mixtape of the year—Kush and Orange Juice—has made its impact on the Internet community of hip-hop lovers.

Kush and Orange Juice is an ode to the modern day hippie culture. Wiz Khalifa blends the sound of soul, funk, and techno to create a CD with themes and motifs on partying, smoking, living, raging and hanging out with other people’s significant others.

Although some of these practices may be frowned upon, it is nonetheless, appealing to those who partake in these activities. The old saying goes—“To each his own.” But even with the argument the music influences the people who listen to it, we as intelligent individuals should be able to make our own decisions.

It is clear that Wiz Khalifa deserves his spot as a top ten freshman rapper by XXL for 2010. The song “Good Dank” puts the listener in a school child mood, causing one to lay back and listen to the story being told by the lyrical Wiz.

“Louis cover my eyes/ Not them $100 Ray Bans, fam/ These 6-75”With shots at popular culture and their obsession with Ray Bans, Wiz adds a component of humor in his rhymes.

“Shorty, I ain’t on no sports team, but your n— ballin’/ Don’t pick up my
line unless I see it’s money callin’/ Jordan shorts by the pair and my socks is Ralph Lauren/ And I got that there from my n— down New Orleans.” Khalifa pays homage to rapper and friend buddy Curren$y as well.

I have heard mixed reviews from friends about this mixtape. Some couldn’t wait to download it and sing along. Some listened to it and thought it was overrated. However, whether good reviews or bad—the mixtape is appealing. Not only is the mixtape appealing, but it is also relatable to the audience that it is intended for.

For example, kush and orange juice—in general—is not a popular phrase to adults and parents. “I’m tryin’ to use better words” Khalifa says, but somehow manages to display swag to legitimize his pot-smoking persona.

Catchy hooks dominate the entire mixtape. Reminsicent of “808s and Heartbreaks” witht the use of AutoTune, Khalifa keeps the head nodding.

For the Twitter community, you may have recently seen #kushandorangejuice as the top trending topic. A list of top trending topics for Twitter communities have been— #Haiti, #JustinBieber, #JayZ, and other major events ranging from serious to humorous to sexual.

Should you download it or not? Well, there’s a song for everyone in the world, yours may be found here. It doesn’t hurt to see another view of an up-and-coming rapper from Pittsburgh’s life is truly like.

Straight from his 2009 album, Deal or No Deal wasn’t the best, but the rap industry isn’ t a sprint anymore, it’s a marathon. Wiz Khalfia with his catalog of music is not trailing far behind the pack in the rap marathon.

However, with Kush and Orange Juice, Wiz Khalifa may need to quit the smoking to get ahead of the other raps in the competition. According to Wiz, “This ain’t the life that we chose/ this the life that we living.”

~Keep Hip-Hop Alive (Marijuana-Prescription Rappers Are)~