“Power”- Kanye West Talks Celebrity Obsession In New Song

In the midst of the hip-hop fans awaiting the next great rap album- from none other than the Young Money captain in Wayne’s absence due to his prison sentence- Drake’s Thank Me Later album is slowly leaking over the Internet is in stores on June 15th.

Credit: Jazmin Million

However, excluding the fact that Drake is one of the few hip-hoppers that has the ability to sell at least gold his first week- Kanye mysteriously drops a track on the world.

“POWER” is Kanye’s first released song since his infamous attack on Taylor Swift. (Listen & Download AT BOTTOM OF ARTICLE):

From his public hiatus in Hawaii, Kanye unleashes the unexpectant.
With the choir like chanting and hand claps- Kanye begins his verbal assault on the beat.

Accompanied by a boasting bass line giving the beat an electric hip-hop feel, Kanye takes them to church with the soulful choir sounds. Preaching from his pulpit to the church, Kanye gives his fans a taste of what he’s been doing in his hiding.

“No one man should have all that power. The clocks tickin’ I just count the hours. Stop trippin I’m tripin off the power” Kanye raps. Pop culture’s icon- Kanye is taking another jab at the media and world at large. He’s just a man and should not have all the power that we bestow upon him.

Musically, “Power” resembles an 808s and Heartbreaks track if only he had rapped instead of sang. Ye is definitely going to turn heads and gain back the fans he lost when he dropped the oh-so emotional 808s album.

“The system broken the school’s closed the prisons open- we ain’t go nothing to lose, mofucka we rollin’. With some light skin girls and some Kelly Rowlands” says Kanye, dropping the old school hip-hop knowledge of the why we act this way rhymes. From hanging with hoodrats to hanging with members of Destiny Child’s- why wouldn’t we partayyy?

Taking a few counterpunch jabs at SNL (Saturday Night Live) for their apparent roast of West, he outright comes out and says, “Fuck em, they could kiss my ass.” (I bet when it’s time for Yeezy’s album to drop- he makes an appearance on the show).

Kanyeezy tries to open up to America claiming why should I have all the power, but with his egotistical and narcissism, he merely ends up wanting more power from them. (fame must really be addictive). “I just needed time alone with my own thoughts. Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault.”

The ROC is done with. (Not the Black ROC- or the Dame Roc, but the True ROC). How does Kanye keep the diamond together if it last forever. The reality of it all is too much to hold when he says “Reality is catchin’ up with me. Taking my inner child I’m fighting for custody. With these responsibilities that they entrust in me as I look down at my diamond man they crush the piece”

AND, after being called an ass by the President of the United States for your actions, there must be some sort of bias afterwards? Some sort of claim to President Obama; however, West simply says, “Lost in translation with a whole fuckin’ nation. They say I was the abomination of Obama’s nation. Well that’s a pretty bad way to start the conversation.”- But, I’m sure as Obama faces the BP Oil Spill crisis, he is actually the one man with all the power that Kanye says one man shouldn’t have. (I bet Obama feels where this song is coming from, though)

Back on his egotistical shit, he adds to the third verse- “At the end of the day-goddammit I’m killin’ this shit.” I know damn well yall feelin this shit. I don’t need yo pussy bitch I’m on my own dick. I ain’t got a power trip who you going home with?”

Obviously they are going home with Kanye ( #nobruno ) but at the same time, Kanye is just *maintaining* and we definitely know he is making music. From his recording to studios all the way home to Chicago- where they had the all-time best basketball player- Kanye licks his tongue out and fades away, knocking down the three point shot with this song.


Jordan back in Chicago for the first time as a Wizard (He comes back out of nowhere- and although he’s a little rusty, he’s shaking it off with this one.)

Sammy Sosa with the Cork Bat (Because this was surprising as the release of this song).

Tomas Kopecky’s (Blackhawks) Game Winning Goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup series (Because in a drought of good hip-hop dominated by a heavy downpour of Young Money and Gucci Mane’s crippled lyrics crew, “Power brings little bit of sunshine to the self)

LAST- but not least- we have the Bears pummeling of the Redskins back in 1940 when they won 73-0. (This moment in history reminds me of this song because Kanye is winning. Already with an unreleased and unfinished song is he pummeling the rap game.)

For all the rappers who can’t move over 100,000 albums your first week- take notes- Yeezy is BACK!

~ Keep Hip-Hop Alive (Narcissism Will) ~