Rappers & Women Who Always Say- YES!

I did a blog post a while back about Rappers and Other People’s Girlfriends, lovers, caretakers, or however you want to put it- because all of the *new* music I was listening to at the time were hits because they appealed to the specific nature of “getting your girl.”

However, now the new thing in music is not just getting someone else’s girl- it is about maturity and telling that person face to face (rather through the music) to come and get your girl. Rapper- T.I. can attest to that with his song “Get Yo Girl” off of his new mixtape- F*ck A Mixtape.

Because this is the new *fad* (I like that word)- Rappers have moved on to ladies that never say NO! Why might you ask? Well- if you ask me- if you can find a lady friend that never says no- well then you’re on your way.

For example:
(i) “Darling, can I go watch the game with the boys and come back and cuddle up and watch a movie with you?” / “You sure can, love. *kiss*”

(ii) “Baby, my ex- wants me to hang out with her on her birthday…” / “You know I don’t mind, sugar. Have fun.” + TRUST (You gotta have trust here)

AND, I could possibly think of a lot more scenarios where this could be beneficial. (hint hints * wink winks)

But here are a few lyrics by rappers- ENJOY!!

“Whisper in her ear “it’s kinda crowded in here- would she care to blow it she said “yea”” (Sunshine)

UMBC Performance 2006

“I’m at the finish line- they ain’t even say go. Know a couple of girls who never say- NO” (Get Me)

Mixtape Artwork

Lil Weezy/Wayne & TI
“All the whips on fo’s and my wrist so froze- Ain’t no problems with these hoes al they say is- Yeah, all they say is- Yeah!”

Lil Wayne
“and everytime I ask her she just say yes, she just say yes, you say yes, she just say yes, you say yes,she just say yes, you say yes” (Say Yes)

Rick Ross
“All u have to do is say yes to me yay, is say yes to me ohh, say yes to me baby”- Mario Winans (Get Away)

Dear Ladies, don’t subject yourself to the power of money, fame, and diamonds- realize your individual wealth. Alls it takes is consent. And fellas, what you do comes back around ten fold, so think before you act.

~ keep hip-hop alive (misogynistic rap music is) 🙂 ~