How to Become a Rapper

Rapper Devin the Dude- in his song- “Write & Wrong” talks about how to make it big with rap. “All you have to do is rap” and “write the story of your life.” Rap looks like a quick scheme to gain entrance into the world of fame. Rap could also be seen as a top career goal among African-American children- not too far behind becoming a professional athlete. (Play the Song Below).

But everyone can’t rap- but if you want to- here’s a list of what you need to get by 🙂

As we become modern day slaves to to technology, anyone can become a rapper. Nowadays, anybody can put words together in a rhyming fashion over a beat to create a rap song- we have online rhyming dictionaries, thesauruses, dictionaries, recording software, YouTube, and FaceBook.

Basically anybody can be a rapper; however, everyone can’t be a good rapper. Here is a list of the top ten things I compiled that each so-called “rapper” should have in order to be successful. If you don’t have the ten things listed here, you won’t even be worth listening to- sorry!

10. Intelligence
At the end of the day- nobody wants to listen to an idiot. As a rapper, if you can educate and teach using your rhymes intelligently, then you can definitely start to rap. The average education level of Americans is the 6th grade, so that means you may need to dumb your lyrics down a bit, nonetheless, make them sound smart!
Example: Lupe Fiasco

9. Originality
Be yourself- don’t imitate. You need to be your own person; for example, how many rappers were like Soulja Boy before he hit the mainstream? Sorry, but the XXL top 10 freshman rappers for 2010- all are watered-down versions of already-superstars. Wiz Khalifa- Devin the Dude, Nipsey- Snoop, etc.
Example: Soulja Boy

8. Beats/Producers
If your beats not bumpin’ ain’t nobody listening to you- end of story. And if you rapping over other people’s beats, that’s easy. Be creative and come up with your own rhyme scheme and lyrics. Don’t trace- create!
Example: Gucci

Get a big name star and ride with that. This isn’t necessary, but it also helps.
Examples: J. Cole, Big Sean.

6. Swag
This word has taken over hip-hop culture. You need some of this and it needs to be on a trillion percent. You can’t be a clown and rap. You have to be the man and able to back up your lyrics. You gotta be fresh. None of that now- and later- raps (Rap about it now- Get it Later).
Examples: TI, Wayne, Kanye, Jay-Z

5. Money
You’re going to need it to get by in this industry. Nothing is free. You’re going to want a feature. You’re going to want to stunt in the club.
Example: 50 Cent

4. Variety of Topic Selection
I personally don’t want to hear about the same thing over and over. You rap about weed in 15 songs, no thanks. You rap about your ex girlfriends on 20 songs, no thanks. But you rap about the education system, girls, being fly, and other subjects, then that’s perfect!
Example: Jay-Z

3. Why Should I listen to you factor
This better be obvious within the first 2 minutes of hearing you. Remember, anybody can rap- everybody don’t have what it takes, though 😦
Example: Nas

2. Lyrics/Wordplay
You have to be nice with the words. Some double entendres, puns, witticisms, and mucho more. We need to hear what you have to offer. Since we are destined for 15 minutes of fame in a lifetime, lyrics and wordplay can decide if you will have more than those 15.
Example: Eminem

1. Have to have respect for the craft
Don’t rap just to get money or girls or whatever vice you may search for, but instead, rap because you love the English language. Rap because you feel like if you don’t you’ll explode on the inside. Respect the art that hip-hop truly is. Don’t do dance songs just to get “put on” because that destroys the essence of hip-hop. Do what is true to you.

Have fun rapping & remember:
~keep hip-hop alive~