Performance Poetry

Hey folks- before I forget that I co-founded and was president of Loyola University Maryland’s first Poetry Club- here is a video clip of me reading two of my poems at our club’s first event back in December of 2009 along with a few of the club’s achievements and accomplishments.

April 20, 2010- Loyola Poetry Club was featured on WJZ live news for volunteering at Baltimore Reads Book Bank.

April 15, 2010- Loyola University Maryland Poetry Club hosted a Baltimore university/college student poetry slam that featured winners Morgan State University, Towson University, Loyola University Maryland, and Coppin State University.

Donated free books to North Bend elementary school and read poetry to 4th grade students. (I ended up rapping to the students at the end to keep them on their best behavior)

Gave away books as prizes at every poetry meeting.

Hosted open mic events full of music and poetry that supported all body images, types, sizes, shapes, races, skin colors, sexual preferences- EVERYTHING!

Invited Mindstate Mix- to come to Loyola to perform rap, poetry, spoken word, and other manipulations of the English language to tell the story of the African-American experience in America.

Contacted by Bruce George, co-founder of Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam. 🙂 (there’s something in the works)

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards as a fundraiser making poems unique to each card and delivered them to doors singing a V-Day jingle as we delivered the cards.

All-in-all, the poetry club did a lot. Not just for the school, not just for myself, but for people who love the English language. People made friends at meetings. People made friends with people out of their comfort zones. Poetry united the campus and all those who were involved with the club.

As I reflect on my wonderful executive board, James Rose- PR, Eve Strillaci- Secretary, and Maria Dontas- Treasurer, (Co-Prez Jerry & Cathryn Dutton), I will miss you all.

Maybe we can start a HUGE/WORLD poetry club one day that will unite the world!!