Hip-Hop Ain’t Dead – It’s the Fans!

The first week sales for Drake’s “Thank Me Later” album are in:

Not too disappointing; not too shabby.

However, there’s always a “But!” According to the Internet, Drake’s first album sold just about 463,000 units during the first week of sales. Even being signed to the label owned by the last megastar to move over a million copies its first week wasn’t enough to help his record sales. They say every fan of Lil Wayne is a Drake fan- but there’s a large number gap between 463,000 to 1,200,000.

We already know- Cash Money Records & Young Money Records purchased at least a few hundred thousand of Drake’s albums (cough cough), BUT even the predicted sales were kept under the radar. I’ve seen 50 Cent’s last album predicted sales after the first day. Wayne went gold (500,000) the first day- even Plies’ predicted sales were available, BUT no Drake or at least until today.

BUT- how did Drake sell so little? The album features just about every current superstar in not just the rap game, BUT music as a whole; for example, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz, TI, and The Dream- all who I believe are platinum selling artists with the exception of Nicki Minaj.

Whether Drake’s album is a classic or not- will it peter out over the million mark? The very optimistic Wayne was hoping for 2 million, and many rappers gave their own numbers of about 600,000 copies his first week, BUT Drake said he’d be satisfied selling about 300,000.

Drake’s album didn’t move a million copies liked hoped for, BUT he did have TWO different singles that sold over a million copies.

Courtesy of Serenaz's Photostream (Flickr)

BUT- he’s not the only one that’s done this. Rapper B.O.B. had two top ten singles as well, BUT he only sold about 84,000 copies his first week with big names like TI and Eminem featured on the album.

It’s not solely the leakage of albums over the Internet that contribute to low selling albums. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III was the last rap album to go platinum its first week and that leaked.

Kid Cudi was signed by Kanye, who sold almost 900,000 his first week with his Graduation album, BUT Cudi only sold 110,000.

Wale had tracks with one of the biggest Southern artist- Gucci Mane- and Lady Gaga, BUT only sold 28,000.

Asher Roth was the first great white hope since Eminem and Jesus, BUT only sold 60,000 copies.

Raekwon with his follow up to his magnum opus- Cuban Linx didn’t do well either, BUT it was critically acclaimed.

So what and why are record albums failing us during our economic times?

We’d rather spend 0.99 cents for a single before we’d purchase an entire album for $12.99.

Hip-hop is an ailing industry and success can’t be measured by album sales anymore with the resurgence of the single being sold digitally on iTunes.

Drake was, for me, the last hope hip-hop had at surviving (mainstream). He had one of the biggest buzzes EVER! Constant spins on the radio through Young Money, his mixtape, his album singles, and his features. Signed under the biggest rapper out- Lil Wayne. Success on a television show, BUT somehow he still couldn’t do it.

Why? Maybe because the fans don’t support music anymore. If you like it, buy it! Support hip-hop. Drake didn’t let me down- the fans did. Drake’s talents has made him an icon in the music world.

We call into the radio stations and music channels to request Drake, Drake, Drake! BUT- least we can do is get off our asses BUTTS and buy an album.