They Call Him Slim Shady – He’s Back!

“Yo, bro. Eminem’s back with some hot shit.
“Foreal, dude?! I need to get on that- ASAP.”
“Recovery. It’s called Recovery, bro.”

According to the rumors and statisticians on the Internet, the aforementioned conversation sequence multiplied times the number 350,000 equals the number of albums Eminem is on pace to sell in his first week. Slim Shady is on pace to sell 700,000 units in his first week on the shelves. (350,000 x 2 [each person in sequence gets one])

Back when Eminem’s “Recovery” leaked over the Internet, I asked myself- How does Eminem fit into the contemporary state of hip-hop. (I’m not going to answer this question, but please keep this in mind)

On Complex’s “Most Anticipated Album of 2010” list, we see Eminem ranking in the 3 spot with a date not fully determined for release, yet it still it still made the list. Why? Because of Em’s last year release “Relapse?” At the beginning of the year- I would’ve said, let’s hope not. Or is it because Eminem is the Elvis of our generation- if not- then lyrical Shakespeare.

While another somebody (Drake) who had the top spot, beating out Kanye who landed in the 2 spot, barely missed going Gold (500,000) his first week selling just about 463k.

To be honest, I didn’t know Eminem was working on an album until it leaked. Besides making the most anticipated list at the beginning of the year almost 7 months ago, he had little to no buzz. He had no number one single. He had no club hit. He just had a name.

He came out with a decent musical creation. Although the music review site- Pitchfork– bashed him giving him a rating of 2.4 on a scale from 1-10. But Eminem proves that he’s still got what it takes to compete and solidify his name in the Top 5 greatest rappers of all time conversation.

Because he can sell albums without a huge promotion campaign. He just goes into a phone booth and puts his glasses on and calls himself Clark Kent. Marshall Mathers really is Superman. Don’t take my word for it- take his album selling stats. Check his history.

Although I do have to admit, I miss the old, young, crack jokes on popular culture icons, fucked up in the head, drugged out Eminem. He was fun. Now he just sounds to serious. He sounds like he’s getting old. But he can still spit rhymes like sunflower seed shells into a plastic cup. He’s still got that flare. I just miss when he was the match.

Hip-hop doesn’t age well, neither do our music taste. As we get older, we tend to like what we are accustomed to. The hot R&B songs I heard growing up are now “Oldies but Goodies.”

That’s why I think to myself- How does Eminem fit into the scheme of things in relation to hip-hop.

He doesn’t wear skinny jeans.
He’s not a hipster.
He’s not making silly dance songs.
He’s not poking fun at others anymore.

But he still succeeds.

There’s no kryptonite for legendary talent.