My Blog Will Be One-Year-Old Soon…


So, I just took the time to craft out a witty and funny informational post about my blog’s birthday on July 13, 2010. I titled the event “Happy Birthday PARTAY!” but that was a bad idea. For one thing, I don’t live anywhere near half the folks I went to school with. Neither would some want to come to an actual birthday party of mine. I’m not friends in real life with half of the 1000plus friends I have on there.

The problem is: Once they see an event come across their Facebook page either late at night or early in the morning- they either just let it sit, or quickly put not-attending. (I should know- I do it way too much myself)


The reason it bothers me is because people don’t take the time to read in the first place! For example, why wouldn’t you be able to attend my event which can be viewed from any computer that has an internet connection or a mobile phone? Most of us have blackberries or iPhone’s anyway. It really doesn’t bother me that much though because I have my loyal readers, whom I love so dearly. So: here’s the information for the event followed by the top 20 reasons why everyone should be attending my event or whatnot–> Enjoy!

Simple: It’s my blog’s first birthday-

She’s learned so much in her first year I want to throw her a party to celebrate her growth. With 11,000 views in a year’s span- the Greyhound paper was a huge help nurturing her voice as well as my dedicated and loyal readers.

My gift to my BLOG Page is 5 fresh, original, brand new post that are sure to please everyone who wants to visit her on this very special day.

Your gift to her could be a simple visit to If you really want to see her mature into something that encourages education through literature then you can leave a comment. The readers are the most important thing to her.

My Blog’s baby brother is turning two months on July 15, 2010. The Write From Wrong family would love for you to come to their sleepover.

But anyways, I’d like to thank you in advance for NUMBER ONE: Reading this far. and NUMBER 2 because without you, there would be no website.

*few are literate in the world; spread the word and appreciate the fact you can read. see you there*

JULY 13, 2010
Up- In- The- Clouds
Write From Wrong

A Cool Stick & Mindstate Mix

Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Be “ATTENDING” My Latest Event:
1. You can read.
2. Umhmm, some people can’t read- be appreciative & grateful.
3. You have internet on your mobile phone
4. You all use computers
5. Because my website is mobile net friendly-
6. C’mon you like rap.
7.. Yup, you know you love poetry.
8. *funny face* you don’t like music?
9. Because I love you

10. All the cool kids are doing it.
11. 5 Brand new, original post
12. You love me.
13. You got the invite.
14. There will be beef (see Biggie Small’s song- BEEF)
15. Because if you tell your mom, she will wanna check it out!
16. I do it for you!
17. When I make it big, you’re going to want a hand out.
18. I support all my fellow bloggers (See Blogging Fam section on blog)
19. Freedom of MOTHERFUCKIN’ Speech.
20. Last, and definitely not least- You’ve read thus far =)
21. You must be an ex- and don’t like me =( 🙂