Ricky Rozay (Ross) ft. Kanye West

Rick Ross the BOSS (BAW-SE) aka Ricky Rozay on July 20, 2010 is back at it. With 3 number one albums already under his belt (Port of Miami, Trilla, and Deeper Than Rap), Ross is back for the fourth time. But his album has a new concept- there’s only one song that doesn’t have a feature.

The closest thing we get to Rozay rapping on a song other than- “I’m Not A Star” which is the intro- is Tears of Joy featuring Cee-Lo. Maybe he’ll just be on the hook. His single “Super High” featuring Ne-Yo is most likely to be the worst song on the album. However, it still looks like 10 gems.

With the likes of Gucci Mane, Jadakiss, and Jay-Z on a “can’t wait to hear track” titled Free Mason, his album full of features looks like it’s set-up to claim the number one spot yet again.

Let’s rejoice that Chrisette Michele is on the same song with Drake and Rozay because hopefully Drake will serve as a rapper than his preferred , yet imperfect form of his Auto-Tuned singing.

Ross has a professional promotion’s package. His first released single is a song featuring the talented Ne-Yo. And then we hear XXL top ten freshman rappers- Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa on the remix of that song. And on top of all that we get a song released over the net by himself featuring the hip-hop hiatus Kanye West.

Anyway Rozay currently battling a law suit with the improper use of the LA coaine drug dealer Rick Ross serving a life sentence, Ross jumps on a track with none other than Kanye West.

THe beat, produced by Kanye sounds like top down music riding switching lanes driving down the Miami highway; which subsequently, is the place where Ross calls home. Once Ross starts rapping, the gloriousness of the beat is silence as Ross paints pictures with his words. (SONG AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

“Die young, but fuck it we flew first class/ Turned you to a rich bitch- buy you first class/ Up in this bitch and we lit up like a screen/ Everytime we hit the charts- niggas shoot up like a fiend/ Stuntin’ like we printing money with machines.”

Ricky is still talkin his regular old swag trash, but he takes it up a notch.

“I live for the moment and put a bullet on it.” Ross is here to stay.

“The party over here- everybody over here/ You know the word travels fast-everybody know we here.” When you’re famous, people know you’re in the club, bar, party, where ever you may be. Ross doesn’t have to talk to the ladies because they talk to him. It’s a man’s dream and Ross’ reality.

Now, I know the song feature Kanye and well, he’s BACK! His hiatus was good. It’s nice to hear rapping Kanye again in full force. The 808s and Heartbreaks Kanye will be missed very dearly. :/

Life fast and die young- basically Kanye says you only live once.

“I’m back, but on popular demand- least will still poppin Japan.” After shutting down that Taylor Swift girl at the award show, Kanye had to leave the country. I think it may have been because President Obama called him an asshole.

“And we bout to hit Jacob the Jeweler- so I can be like Slick Rick and rule ya.” Paying homage the great Slick Rick aka Slick Rick the Ruler (Ruh-La)

“Dr. Martin ‘Louie the King’ Jr. And I’ma never let the dreams turn to Kreugers. My outfit so disrespectful- you can go on and sneeze ’cause my presence blessed you. I mean, we walked in this bitch, so stylish- niggas done mistook me for my stylist.”

Okay- we know he is fresh, but Kanye shows that flare that the people miss- that his fans miss. Taking it back to his first album where he would be the token black guy working at the Gap- Kanye blacks out on the beat as he reflects.

“And I know it’s superficial and you’ll say it’s just clothes- But we shoppin in the motherfuckah and they just closed.” It must feel good to go from the retail employee to Kanye West status. But does Ye swag or brag?

“So they can never say we never lived it- And if I see Biggie tonight- I loved every minute” is Kanye last rhyme before Ross jumps back on for the third- better than his first- verse.

If I should die tonight, don’t mourn is what I hear both Ross and Kanye saying. But that’s also a Jay-Z song too from back in the day.

I can wait to PURCHASE Rick Rozay’s album- even if he was a correctional officer. He sounds like a poet.