Deron from the DMV is… Back!

Let me start this post off by saying- if you have a girl during the summer months- roll your windows down, turn the music up, and pick her up and take her out on a nice date. No matter what your car looks like- this song will make you feel like you’re in a brand new Mercedes (only if your lady-friend is up to par).

Deron is back. Where’d he go? No one knows. What I do know is that if I were to write a review of this song, I wouldn’t be able to do it any justice. Why? Because I know Deron. The review would be too good and would seem like a ”favor” on my part instead of actually giving him the credit that he and this track deserve.

Deron was the kid in high school that when a beat would drop- he’d rap. He was the kid doing freestyle battles against all the public school kids- for respect and for money. He was the wiz of wordplay while sitting in AP and Honors English classes. But it wasn’t until after all this, I began to see the creativity he exhibits musically. And then he disappeared after his 4 year tenure and graduation from Hampton University (the real HU depending what school you went to).

I’m not sure what has happened to Deron since graduation, but I know that this is the first I’ve heard from him. He’s also working on a project- The Ghost of Rayful Edmonds. I’m looking forward to this project, mainly because being born and raised in DC- Rayful is every drug dealers icon- he’s arguably the main person responsible for the crack epidemic in DC (aside from Ronald Regan, of course).

With his new song “1 & Only”- Deron says- “I was ice cold you reminded me of Frosty” all the while sticking to script of a true one girl’s guy saying- “Baby you my one and only- I will never leave you lonely.” It sounds to me like a soulful spoken word tribute to a lady over a nice relaxing beat. (Again, I like this song too much to write a review).

I can’t wait to play it in my ride with my shawty!

To listen- just click play on the soundcloud player.
To download- click the link below.