Rap BEEF: Young Jeezy & Rick Ross

The late, great rapper Biggie Smalls once said, “What’s beef? Beef is when your mom’s ain’t safe up in the streets. Beef is when you need two gats to go to sleep. Beef is when I see you, guaranteed to be in ICU.”

If you remember rap in the 90s, you also know that when it comes to beef someone ends up dead. For example, Biggie and Tupac.

But beef nowadays can be simplified. It serves as entertainment and it will probably get you about 1000 more units moved in album sales. The last true great hip-hop beef was between Jay-Z and Nas. Anything after that is for the birds!

Here is where the disses from Jeezy and Rick Ross begin. Rick Ross released an album back in July titled Teflon Don. On it, he had a tracked called (B.M.F.) or Blowin Money Fast. There’s no coincidence that the acronym also stands for Black Mafia Family, a known crew of crooks and goons.

However, it was apparent that after Rick Ross’ debacle with rapper 50 Cent, he was exposed as a prior C.O. (Correctional Officer) that really hit Ross hard. You can’t be a rapper in the industry, moving boatloads of coke and whipping pots of baking soda and hustling everyday like it’s your last if you’re a cop. So in this case, we’ll just deem Ricky Rozay a poet instead of a rapper for this post.

“I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover. Whippin Work, Hallelujah”
Then comes Young Jeezy (the funny man). He has the jailed Big Meech cosigning Jeezy saying if you not down with the movement keep our names out your mouth type of thing (in a few words).

On the flipside of that- Jeezy releases a song shortly after the BMF (Ross’ song) leaked and titled it The Real BMF. Was Jeezy trying to say that Ross wasn’t a part of the real BMF or affiliated?

“Self-made. You just affiliated.”
But guess who has an album coming out soon? You guessed it, Young Jeezy. What does that have to do with the beef with Ross and Jeezy? Young Jeezy recently released a song on his mixtape “1000 Grams” called “Death Before Dishonor” He sounds as if he is taking jabs at the Rick Ross, but when asked about it, Jeezy replied “if homie takes that as a dis, he’s insecure, and anybody else out there who does, they are insecure.” (BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU’RE DISSING HIM)

Rick Ross in response to Jeezy’s “The Real BMF” was “I haven’t had a chance to talk to the homie, I really don’t know what the thought process was behind it.”

But after Ross heard the second version or the diss or whatever you wanna call it. You can bet that Ross responded back with the song “The Summas Mine.”

AND after hearing Jeezy’s “Death Before Dishonor” & Ross’ “The Summas Mine” you can bet that these two have found themselves in the beef of Summer 2010. (BOTH SONGS ARE LISTED AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)


Let’s face it! Let’s also be real. These two rappers don’t move weight like that. They don’t sell drugs. Rather, they may not sell drugs anymore. They may have the best quotes, but not the actual drugs. They are in the limelight of hip-hop. They are role-models. They make music to entertain. Both of these southern rappers are endorsed by Jay-Z. I’m sure if there was an actual quarrel they would be sat down at a table and talk it out like gentleman.

For Christ sakes- Jeezy made a song about the president being black. If he was really selling drugs, the “Tea Party” or whomever else was against President Obama would have quickly given Jeezy the Jeremiah Wright treatment (Obama’s pastor). But they didn’t.

The music industry is all entertainment. These guys do it for the record sales and to get their names out there. Hell, if you told me I’d get a writing job at XXL by beefing with The Source, I’d shit talk them all day. If you told me I’d get a job at Complex for shit talking to whoever, I’d say let the shit talk begin.

But it’s all entertainment. You shouldn’t dislike one person’s music because he’s “beefing” with the other. They both make good music. They both make music for specific audiences. They both are talented. Don’t let the gimmicks fool ya.

But for now while they so-call “BEEF” let the negro-propaganda begin!!


Young Jeezy’s “Death Before Dishonor”

Rick Ross’ “The Summas Mine”