“Lights, Camera, Action” Review

Currently, my iTunes has about 30 GBs of music. That was enough to fill my 32GB iPhone with all the music I jam to. My music likings lean heavily towards the hip-hop genre; however, I do like the R&B, Neo-Soul, Rock and Roll, and Pop-py music from time-to time.

But one thing I now have a problem with is the 16GB iPhone I have. My early morning travels to work- I listen to mostly my ‘Train’ playlist, but that can get played out sometimes, so I end up playing my Recently Added playlist. Let’s not discuss how I feel about having shuffle mode on.

Why? Because who wants to dance early in the damn morning? Honestly, I love my music as loud as possible, so I don’t have to hear anything going on around me. But I don’t like scaring the white people who ride the T with my loud music.

Then I heard a song I downloaded from a kid I went to high school with. Everyone with a microphone, laptop, twitter account and facebook can be a rapper. But this was, honestly, something special.

I’m talking lights, camera action.

Marc Hill aka M-Dubb aka @AutobotDubb was truly a breathe of fresh air. I could show the kid some love because he has the sounds of my hometown or I could do a favor for a friend of mine and write a good review, but I’m gonna give you my honest, humble opinion.

“One thing bout life you can’t go back like ‘Click’ man/ So I’m just tryna show love like a Kiss Cam/ Feelin like the last real nigga, Will Smith man/ Only thing that’s different- this movie ain’t a myth, damn.”

M-Dubb waste no time on the solar-sounding beat with his bars. Actually he doesn’t waste any bars either. The way the lyrics are put together are like a painting. He brush stroke can stand alone, but it all comes together as he makes his own Picasso style artwork. (The music version).

“I’m just living life, like it’s on the big screen/ Can’t tell me nothing, lil nigga got big dreams/ I’m talking lights, camera action- it’s time for some action”

M-Dubb doesn’t just brag about his talents on this one. He shows bravado throughout and drops some knowledge while getting at your girlfriend too =)

“They say love don’t cost a thing, but got love for sale. Frank Lucas in the booth- I got drugs to sell.”

Getting back to my point, he makes it understood when he raps, “But these haters throwing salt as of lately though. Flow retarded man- need to put me on the radio. Rookie of the year, yea that’s what I’m tryna be. It seems like these music heads growing fond of me. Guess that’s why your girl head going down like the economy.”

The kid got rhymes for days and in a couple of days- he’s dropping a mixtape. Don’t take my word for it though. Just click play on the player below and check it out. I give the D.O. approval on this one. And if you know anyone that works at WKYS 93.9 or WPGC 95.5, tell them play this joint on the radio.

The DMV has a large surge of artists every since Wale, but with the talent Young M-Dubb has (NC A&T Baller, musician, scholar, and a lot of other things going for him) if his jump shot is anything like his rhymes, believe me you will see more of this kid soon.

Follow him on twitter at @AutobotDubb for more info on the release of his upcoming mixtape on September 21, 2010.

Click the pic to take you to the song 🙂