“You gone run this back like you carried the receipt.”- SJ @SJAllDay

When I got an email from a promo company asking me to write about SJ- I said to myself, Ergh? Who is this? Is this spam? Damn, I gotta remove my email from blog site.

I continued to read the email and it read- “SJ is a very unique artist. He specializes in producing, songwriting, directing…His music sounds like A Tribe Called Quest meets The Neptunes, with Prince influence.”

Word? I didn’t know what to expect.

Here’s what I did:
I downloaded the mixtape from HERE. (You can also find it on the world-renowned
Opened it up from my Downloads folder.
Grabbed my Dr. Dre Beat headphones
And let it play.

When you don’t know what to expect from an artists; how do you grade or categorized them? After my first listen, SJ (Ess-Jay) sounds like a thirsty rapper. A fresh, underground, hip-hop voice. Someone who could lead and command the stage during a performance.

Songs to Listen Out For:
“What They Want”
“All Hott”
“Watch Me”
“Love Hold”

As the mixtape drops, the melody along with the instrumentation can either grab hold of you or release. Either way, the lyrics are original and fresh. “Let’s wake and bake with a fun filled night. Roll that Bluntville tight cause I’m tryna kick it high and get some kung-fu eyes.”

The beats do give off a Neptune vibe and the lyrics deliver. Stepping away from the violent and obnoxious lyrics that dominate the radio play, SJ does his thing for a newcomer to the hip-hop underground scene. To download the mixtape either hit up DatPiff.Com or

With that said, check out these quotable lines from throughout the mixtape and don’t forget to check it out if you like some authentic original hip-hop!!

“S, what’s good? Same soup, nigga reheated. Just posted by my niggas like I’m retweeted.”

“I got my eyes lil low- I ain’t sleeping. Maybe we can for the weekend- start leanin”

“First, peace to all my niggas, but fuck you to my haters.”

“Take a L to the head, you need to holla at Luigi.”

“Lyrical Brock Lesner holler at your wrestler.. Tryna holla at a bird, holla at Sylvester.”

“Sat em on they ass like imaginary seats. You gone run this back like you carrying receipts.”

“Dutchies and the Dragon Juice when I step up in the booth”

“Sip pretty pink stuff- mommy drink up. Yea, I’m the shit, my shit don’t stink up.”

“I smoke green, Luigi haze. Greener than the PGA.”