The Black Lady Gaga

“I think, me and Nicki should have a Minaj, Friday- #PinkFridayHoe”

There’s a hip-hop phenomenon playing on radio stations across the country. Her name is Onika Tonya Maraj- better known as the multi-faceted and multi-talented Nicki Minaj.

As a female hip-hop artist, she is owning the game. If hip-hop were the United States, Nicki Minaj would probably be Hilary Clinton (if she would’ve actually won the election though). This girl is no loser.

Scooped up off the street by Lil Wayne, Minaj has been the female front for the Young Money gang for the year 2010 while Weezy has been locked up in prison. He’s probably the rapper who’s had the most influence on Nicki other than Lil Kim and of course, the great Lauryn Hill.

“After winning Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and Best New Artist at this past BET hip-hop awards, Nicki used her many different personalities to promote her upcoming debut album called “Pink Friday” dropping in stores 11/22/2010- exactly 7 days after Weezy is freed from prison.

From her hailed mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty, to her debut album, Minaj has received a lot of spins on the radio stations as of late. Sort of reminiscent to when Wayne literally was featured on almost every rapper’s song back in 2006. (those were the days).

But what does a women really need to make it and bec successful in a male dominated society (hip-hop)? What comes to mind from a hip-hop head’s perspective would be: a great voice (she has a nice singing voice, and numerous different rapping voices/egos), simple lyrics (her lyrics are easy to grasp- sort of like the female Drake), a nice team (Young Money- Birdman “Baby’s” money goes a long way. Can’t forget about Birdman Jr [Weezy]).

Of course, she’ll need the rest of it. The big tits, the nice ass, the pretty smile. I mean, sex really does sell. We’ve heard the likes of Rick Ross and Kanye say she may be one of the best rappers aside from Eminem. It has been said that she’s better than Lauryn Hill as an artist all together.

She is the complete package. Her looks could kill- and her lyrics could bury the body- and her Young Money fam would host the funeral. She is all that and a bag of chips with a refreshing drink on the side.

Her major asset and why she is beneficial to hip-hop is that her fans adore her and she loves her fans back. She’s a very prominent figure on Twitter and she has not only followers, but “Barbies.” Nicki Minaj is the voice of everyone.

Although her sexual preference has been questioned, Nicki claims to not date or have sexual relations with guys and girls. Maybe, the comments about her being a great rapper is game to get into her pants? Or maybe she is actually talented. However, she still receives a KUDOS.

She’s been the first woman to top the charts since 2002, making her a force to reckon with. If you’re a lady and you like pink and you like hip-hop, you probably like Nicki Minaj.

Why and how is she the black Lady Gaga? She is open to all people. She is not just gay-friendly, but she is people-friendly. Being people friendly garners her the ability reach out to those who need a voice. She is the voice of the voiceless.

Even if you don’t like Nicki Minaj as a rapper/singer- she is a helluva sight to see. She’s super animated and sometimes she makes me feel like a kid again and I’m watching Saturday morning cartoons. Other times, she may make me feel like a boy going through puberty again (for obvious reasons).

For all the promotion she does for Pink though, I don’t see why her and Victoria Secret can’t work out some sort of deal on the day her album drops (11/22). Buy a PINK Vicky Secret bra and get her album half-off. She may wanna talk to management about that.

“pink wig, thick ass, give ’em whip lash.” Nicki is a MOTHERFUCKIN’ MONSTER!! I hope she will hide under the covers with me 😉

But in all honesty, she is really making a difference in hip-hop. It isn’t what it once was. Maybe she can be a positive role models for girls aspiring to be successful without using the “sex sells” excuse. So make sure you support her movement. I already know, I’ll be burning the copy I buy for my girlfriend.

Keep hip-hop ALIVE.
~Nicki Minaj, the monster is alive. She’s alive.