Why #WaleWack Was Started

Why #WaleWack Was Started on Twitter

You can scroll down any of my blog post concerning Wale and see that I am an avid fan if not one of his biggest supporters. I even have a picture of cuhz in my phone when he came out and rapped in the crowd at a Jay-Z concert.

Wale doin up in the crowd- PRETTY GIRLS CLAP LIKE THIS

Wale in the crowd during concert

I really do love his music, but this is how it all started:
I was discussing the song “Black and Yellow” and how Wiz Khalifa has the city of Pittsburgh on lock. Any race, color, nationality, ethnicity, or whatever coming out of Pittsburgh or its surrounding area who listens to rap would be a Wiz Khalifa fan.

However, that isn’t the same for Wale. I asked myself why? Then me and my homie started joking around and saying random things that we eventually thought could go into a trending topic. Thus #WaleWack was born.

Even though his album was undershipped, the fact that Wale sold 28,000 copies his first week was really demeaning to my character as a fan of his. I remember hearing him for the first time. I fell in love with his lyrics and how he united the entire area with the song Nike Boots.

But someway; somehow, people still hate on Wale for some strange reason. Whether it be because he reps DC and is from Maryland or whatever doesn’t really matter. I honestly feel after he put out his first album, he didn’t love hip-hop anymore. I feel as though he wasn’t and still is not hungry.

I loved what he did with Fat Trel, because his music would extend to the OGs in the neighborhood who would never necessarily listen to a so-called backpack rapper.

Once the topic started trending, I was called a homo and every other name you can think of. What made me the proudest was that the more me and my homie “HATED” the more love everyone from the DC, MD, and VA area showed him love. At the same time, I think we also need to show him love when it comes to buying albums.

Wale at 1st Mariner Arena

Wale DMV


Anybody can hate from a computer, just like anybody can download music for free from the Internet. People cracked jokes on me as a fan when Wale’s numbers came out. He lyrically should have sold more than Kid Cudi.

I felt like as a fan, Wale wasn’t hungry anymore.

I do have one quarrel with him though. I would really appreciate it he shed light on the things that are seriously wrong with the DC area. Whether he be from DC, MD, or VA, he has to be at least someway affected by the environment.

Kids can’t read, kids don’t eat, kids don’t learn, crime rate is always up, more people have HIV/AIDS in DC than anywhere in the country. Music is a way of getting that message out there.

Damn, we really didn’t think it would get that out of hand. But the fact that you are a rapper and you’re wack is trending in your hometown must hurt a lot. I’m a true fan though. I purchase albums with my hard earned, broke nigga salary.

DMV, from the looks of twitter, obviously has Wale back, but as fans and as a city we can do much more to help Wale out. If feelings were hurt, we apologize. But if hate is what is needed to motivate, we aren’t sorry.

Call me anything you want saying this blog post is a suck up or whatever, we love Wale. He did a lot for me as a person coming from the city. His music helped me get through college. Anyway you want to put it, I do owe a lot to Wale. He’s an admirable character.

I feel as though if he is going to be the DC area’s spokesperson or main artist, he can do a lot more. Maybe I’m jealous that if I were in his position, I would see to it that I spoke up for the voiceless.

And you can say he does have a song where he talks about this and he talks about that, but Wale is in a position to change the entire city around. Something no mayor could do, and something no president could even do.

He’s the DC’s Marion Barry. He’s the DMV’s Barack Obama.

Sorry we had to say #WaleWack. No one really agreed with it. If anything positive can come from this- then let it be this:


And coming from a NIGGA: I respects everybody’s grind. (Keep Hip-Hop Alive)