Can You Teach Me To Doug-E? Umm, No!

With all this hooblah going on about the Dougie Fresh nowadays- I thought it would be interesting to post these clips of the Doug E Fresh move over the years.

PS- The first time I actually saw the Doug E done was in a movie titled Paid In Full by rapper Cam’Ron. From there, the DC gogo band MOB would hit em with the dougie dougie all the time. After that it was Lil Will with “My Dougie” and now the Cali-Swag District. This has been around for ages, but fuck how I feel about mainstream media finally shedding light on something that has been in the urban scene for ages now.

PPS- White people stop asking me to teach you how to Dougie, please =) (You just gotta have some rhythm, for real for real)

Here are the clips!!!

John Wall- Wizards PG

Chris Brown- Singer

Carlton- From the Fresh Prince

Braylon Edwards- Jets WR

Camron- Rapper

Soulja Boy- Rapper

Lil Will- Rapper

Cali-Swag District

Doug E Fresh- Rapper (The ORIGINATOR)