Soulja Boy: The DeAndre Way

LOL = Laugh out loud.

This was going to be a funny review, but today:
LOL means “Lots of Love,”

so today, Soulja Boy I give credit where credit is due.

If you’re sick of leftover stuffing, turkey, cans of cranberry sauce, maybe some ham, and potato salad, then I’m sure you ventured out the kitchen to your local computer or to an electronic store (Best Buy, Target, Walmart) after Black Friday, then you may know that Soulja Boy’s 3rd or 4th’s (depending on how you look at it) album dropped today. He even has a book titled “Teen Millionaire” with the album. LOL (laugh out loud).

Soulja Boy is a Very Young Money for the reason he is on top of the game with money too long to count. LOL (Lots of Love). Hate him or not, Soulja Boy at 20 years old is a millionaire.

With his new album, Souljerrr features big names like: 50 Cent on “Mean Mug,” Gucci Mane, king of the south on “Pretty Boy Swag Remix,” and Trey Songz on the track that will most likely be overplayed on the radio soon.

“Hey Cutie” kicks it saying Soulja saying “I’m in the club/ You know it’s going down/ Shawty she so bomb/ baddest in town/ baddest around/ and we can go down, down, down.”

Then comes the ladies favorite, Trey Songz: “Hey, Cutie- hey cuties, I just wanna holla. (some more hey cuties) I just wanna holla. And if you know you looking good baby smile/ Cause you ain’t had none of that good in a while/ And I got it so/ Hey Cutie.”

If it isn’t played on the radio, your local hip-hop club venue will have the DJ playing this one at the end of the party when the lights go off, so the fellas can have their last minute hand at spitting game to the last of the straggling single ladies (maybe even the ones with a boyfriends).

I mean, I just want to holla.

You can’t forget about “30 Thousand 100 Million” ft. Lil B and Arab. The younger kids love these guys. All the Pretty Boys and all those guys who get fly with their new sneaks and clothes love songs like “First Day of School” the intro track. He reaches out to his younger fan-base with this one as he starts his day off at school.

I remember when I was in the 6th grade- I was 12 and I wanted to be Lil Wayne or Young Turk from the Hot Boyz with Juvenile and BG. They made bling-bling an actual word/phrase in the dictionary. I was even pimping back then, LOL (laugh out loud) but I showed the ladies LOL (lots of love) when it came to songs like Big Pimpin from Jay-Z. He was my favorite rapper back then. I even remember Ludacris.

They were hot then. Jay-Z was right at the peak of his climax to commercial success and he was around 31 and Weezy was about 18, but his flow was wack back then- NOTHING like it is now.

Then I remember over the few years after that Kanye came out. 50 was killing the radio tracks. #WHOOOOOP

As a young, brother-man, Soulja Boy “understands the fans/ supply and demand/ conquer and command/ fight and withstand/ lyrics from a true legend/ living like life through God’s blessing.” on “Grammy.” That’s all he ask for is a grammy. He will “kidnap the world til they pay his ransom” his lyrics sound hungry. LOL.

But when you make music like “Boom,” “Steez,” and “Xtra” it is nice to see the younger generation driving around bumping Soulja in their cars as they ride around and try to pick up girls. All Soulja Boy does is stunt. He has the money to do it.

And as a 20 year old rapper with 4 albums, 10 years from now, Soulja could possibly be what: Weezy is to us right now. What Jay-Z is right now. What 50 Cent was like 4 years ago.

I think Kanye said a few years ago, maybe months, but he said Soulja Boy is hip-hop. LOL.

It might be time to drop the Boy, Soulja.