150 Days & I’m Already Crazy

I wish upon a star
to be where you are
above the clouds so high
shining bright in the sky

I roll around in grass all day
in innocence we get to play
you remind me of the positives
in return i have my heart to give

I dream of you day and night
the past 150 days
no nightmare in sight
hip-hip, hooray.

The way you walk leaves me hypnotized
i feel like a champion – you’re the prize
the smell of your hair – the brown in your eyes
this. right. here. is love. SURPRISE!

You are the rhyme to my meter
the meter to my rhyme
sorry Scarlett Johannson, Ima let you speak
but Joyce is the greatest girl of all-time.

No Beyonce or single ladies
can ever take your place
your angelesque beauty
was given by God’s grace.

I yearn to be in your arms
I hark to the sound of your heart
May my doings never cause you harm
Even though it hurts to be apart

Everything may not be what it seems
but I’m loving you on our anniversary.
You’re one of a thousand trillion
Fab said it best, girl you be killin’ ’em

I heard love doesn’t last forever
I must be going deaf
I’ll love you til my death
and with or without you, I’ll always cherish

what we have – no one can do it better.
I love you!