Hip-Hop Breaks Barriers: Bun B Professor at Rice University

UGK member Bun B started a Hip Hop and Religion course at Rice University this spring. The course itself is built around inspiring people, noting that Hip Hop doesn’t have to be confined to the negative implications that it has on African-Americans today as well as mainstream America.

Bun B who will co-teach the course says “this is a religious course, this is not in the music department”. Giving that the subject of religion can be quite a sensitive topic, the Underground King takes the course very seriously.

For a rapper, Bun B is known for his street life come up, southern dope-boy style lyrics, and keeping it “trill” (as they say in Houston) in the rap game. He is one of few artists to take the opportunities given to him to uplift people that Hip Hop does not only directly effect through the studio, arena, television, radio, or home life. Moreover, it can enlighten people in the classroom where people from all walks of life can get a different perspective on the subject of Hip Hop.

The course originated from the H.E.R.E Project that Rice funds for students. The H.E.R.E project stands for Houston Enriches Rice Education. They focus on exposing the university to the rich culture of Houston and what better way to do that then to bring in Bun B a.k.a “Professor Trill” right?

It seems to pay off given that Uncle Bun’s class doubled to nearly 250 students since the start of the course. Whether out of pure interest or curiosity, The MC emphasized that “These are young people who have taken it upon themselves at a young age, dedicated their life to religion, the search of religion, and the the study of religion, so I don’t want to give these people any misinformation”.

In these times, people judge things without knowing the foundation or how those things came into existence. Bun B is the foundation of not only Houston’s Hip Hop, but he is also one of the most influential artist putting Southern Rap on the map.

Reaching out to him to be a part of our future generation’s education speaks volume to Hip Hop and to Rice University. A win win for both parties.

“I’m from the hood player, check my stats
I grew up in the ghetto with the roaches and the rats (and the rats)
We used to shoot basketball through a bike rim (rim)
Lookin at Jordan, wantin to be like him (him)
Syrup sandwiches, sugar water drink (drinks)
I look back at my past and man I got to think (think)”- Bun B “All a Dream” lyrics.

Article By: AJ Williams

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