My Mini-Pitch to AT&T for iPhone Commercials

Dear AT&T,

As an avid lover of AT&T and my iPhone, I have yearned for a commercial or advertisement that could be used to back AT&T and its fight against Verizon. Why? Because I love you, guys. I have had my fair share of mishaps with my service from time to time, but it does help me get out of a lot of sticky situations at times.

With that being said, here is a proposal that I have for you all that could help the company.

I’m staying with AT&T because I am a loyola customer. Because there are many like myself, you could have users submit situations or their own videos of them using their iPhones. For instance, a situation where one is on a conference call and needs to hang up on one of the calls. That service is not readily available to the Verizon customers.

If you use people in a contest to have their home-made videos shown, that would create a lot of people supporting the brand name and would generate a lot of interest in the people.

In hopes that this email gets to you all, this is just a minor idea I have for possible ways of regenerating AT&T. I love you guys and support you 100%.

Let me know if I can be of any service in the future. Thanks for reading thus far.

Donald Vincent
Write From Wrong Literary Magazine