“Please bow your heads.
    Dope be with you.
    [Response: & also with you.]
    This mass has ended. Go off into the world & be DOPE.
    Thanks be to dope. Let us give Dope its praise.”- Marjorie Thousand

Blessed are the rich in Dope: for theirs is the #SWAG of the heavens.
Blessed are the humbly fly: for they shall possess the Dopeness of the lands.
Blessed are they who are allergic to lames: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are they who fight for fashion & style: for they shall have everlasting Dope.
Blessed are the funky fresh: for they shall never have stale style.
Blessed are the dopest Dope: for Dope will come again to judge the fresh of the living and the dead.
Blessed are the angelheaded hipsters: for they will burn for the ancient heavenly connection to Dope.
Blessed are they on a swagtastic voyage: for their destination is at the right hand of the father of Dope.

Dope has died. Dope has risen. Dope will come again.
Let us give Dope its praise.


*Dope = fly, fresh, unique, fashionable, hip, the shiz, etc.
I leave you Dope, my Dope I give you.

*modeled after the Beatitudes