2011 XXL Top 11 Freshmen Rappers



Hip-hop will suffer if we decide to let a certain magazine tell us who’s hot and who’s not. Not even just a magazine, but popular culture. MTV tells us who the hottest rappers are yearly, but there is always a discrepancy in their choices; for instances, in 2009 Jay-Z was voted the hottest rapper, but that honor should’ve gone to Eminem. How they vote? We don’t know. The same thing with XXL.

The top 11 rappers they chose for this year are:

    11. YG
    10. Meek Millz
    9. CyHi Da Prynce
    8. Fred the Godson
    7. Kendrick Lamar
    6. Lil B
    5. Lil Twist
    4. Mac Miller
    3. Yelawolf
    2. Diggy Simmons
    1. Big K.R.I.T.

All I can say is literally, WHAT THE FUCK?
The best artist on the list is Big KRIT. He does it all from the lyrics to the beats. He is the Kanye West of the list. The best lyricist out of the group is definitely Diggy Simmons, the son of Reverend Run.

Funny thing is, his older brother probably could have replaced a name or two on the list. No matter what anyone says, Meek Millz is not a freshmen. He’s had some years in the game thus far, but signing with Rick Ross may have been what he needed to get some airplay.

Yelawolf is an imitation of Eminem and Asher Roth combined. NO offense, but in a hip-hop environment, we can say he made the list due to Affirmative Actions, but hey it’s gotten me this far in life, so no shame no game.

I’ve never even heard of Fred the Godson before. I’m sure if you google him, the Internets haven’t heard much of him either.

There’s no surprise Lil B made the list this year. He’s been grinding and swagging. He’s the representative for the 2011 swag rap.

Names that should have appeared:
Vado- he turned it down.
Chip Tha Ripper
Pac Div rappers
Tyler, the Creator
Hell, Justin Bieber could have and should have made the damn list.

I won’t throw trash or dirt on any of the other rappers names. They always say that hip-hop bloggers are all failed rappers. Anyways, I don’t get paid to write about hip-hop, none of the outlets show me love. So with this post, I leave you:

Don’t let a medium decide what you listen to. There are plenty of rap artist out their that are insatiable to one’s taste. XXL has gotten it wrong. In the past years, few of the XXL freshmen rappers have done the cover any justice. There aren’t a lot of number one singles or albums that come from the rappers on the cover. This cover does not equal success. Half these bammas are bums anyway.

For real, for real- Nick Cannon should’ve been on the list. I don’t want to crack too many jokes or downplay any of the people on the cover’s success, but just don’t expect that these rappers will be platinum selling artist.

Congrats to the 2011 Top 10 11 Freshmen Rappers.