Real World: Episode 2

I will start blogging about the MTV show “The Real World.” If you don’t like the show, no need to read the post; however, you can still learn a few things – or at least hopefully learn a few things about life and what to actually do in the real world.

First I’m going to list my favorite characters in order and then continue into my synopsis of the show.

I haven’t been too enthused by the last few seasons, but this one makes me experience healthy, gut-aching laughs. PLUS – the black dude just happens to finally be the coolest. LOL.

Favorite Characters (The order will probably change every week):

Leroy: The token black person on the show. I like him because he is simply cool. He likes biddies and seems like he’ll be getting enough action in Vegas. He is one of the funniest people on the show. For the rest of these posts, he will be known as Captain Swag.

Mike: The first episode I was skeptical of Mike. He had two biddies in his room and he read them a prayer instead of getting down to business. That is def. admirable because he is being himself null of peer pressure and outside influences. He is his own man. Plus, he’s silly, dumb funny LOL.

Naomi: In my opinion, she is the prettiest girl in the house this season. She does her own thang and she stays out of people’s way/problems.

Heather: Straight up tells it like it is. She isn’t on the show for a relationship and although animosity is created by her, she nonchalantly keeps it moving. (2 relationships – 2 sex partners – that’s cool, I guess)

Adam: This guy is a character. Reminds me of my friend – JW’s roommate “Z.” I think this dude belongs on Jersey Shore though.

Dustin: He was cool until the second episode. (That is all)

Nany: I will never understand her. She sparks a lot of stuff in the house #OnTheLow for example, don’t tell her anything because she’ll tell the house. Plus, she the only one with a boyfriend and he the one that should’ve been on the show, for real for real.

Real World Lessons
1. If she doesn’t want to be in a relationship, let her be and don’t pressure her.
2. If she has a boyfriend and goes to Vegas – she feels smothered and doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

3. If you get drunk, don’t throw bottles and fight security.
4. Never kiss your boy’s girl – whether it’s truth or dare or not.

5. Don’t trip over a meaningless kiss. “You don’t own her.”

6. Scared money don’t make money. Go big or go home.

7. If the black guy says “Triple kiss” the girls will three-way kiss.

8. Many girls fall into the tragic mistake of leaving a relationship to jump in the next one.

9. If you are in a relationship, do not worry about the next man/opposite sex’s sex/personal life.

10. Do not catch feelings over a girl and overprotect her if you’ve known her for less than a week.

11. Don’t interrupt a man/girl when they are in the act of “getting it in” #HouseCode

12. If the roommates hate you – apologize!

13. Everyone has their own life story. Never judge a clean cut book by it’s cover.

BONUS: “If you can make a girl laugh, you can do a lot of things”

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“you gotta start acting right, son. Life ain’t a game, son.” – Dustin