Real World: Episode 3

The remainder of this season’s post will consist of TOP TEN things a great friend Kate and I have learned from the episodes.


It will be a co-blogging experience with @MissKatieBoe on her blog site as well as mine. I hope you enjoy these top ten learning experiences and will contribute some of your own.

Don’t forget to check out Kate’s list as well.

1. Never tell a girl you’re drunk and need her to babysit you. You will get no action while she gets all the TV time.

2. Not all black people have drug addict moms and absent fathers – or do they?

3. Let by gones be by gones and keep it moving.

4. If you had a less than ideal childhood- chances are the next person’s childhood was much worse.

5. Getting drunk, wilding out, making a fool of your damn self is not cool.

6. If you “SMUSH” a girl, it will be over. If making out is fire. Sex is an atomic bomb.

7. Don’t fall in love in less than a week. PS- Dustin will def. tell Heather he is in love first. SMH-LOL.

8. Don’t get the black guy mad; he’ll probably fuck you up.

9. You can be the biggest drug dealer in your state, and still be on the Real World – MTV.

10. Sometimes girls don’t like to do manual labor (Naomi). Whatever happened to EQUALITY?

“It’s gotta be really hard for Leroy to not pound Adam to the ground right now.”- Mike

“If we smush, she’s going to be like: ooo-ahhhh”- Dustin

“I feel like a storm is on its way. Bad things are about to go down. I can feel it. Ima just sit back with my umbrella and try not to get wet.”- Leroy

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Dustin tried to take out his anger from Mike kissing his girl with that punch to the helmet. #RealWorld

Lol Nanny is in love, she needs to go back to her room and let that boy #cook, #chef, #realworld (via @BossJones)

I bet $100 Dustin says I love you first. #RealWorld

“it was me, the black kid…” I don’t care if that’s an accurate description, #thatsracist hahaha (via @CGWacko)

Leroy just box him once #realworld (via @kiannaricch)

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